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Common Web Design Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Not Using Responsive Web Designs No matter what working system your consumer is using or how the most advanced the smartphone is, everybody across the globe is using a smartphone plus hence more than 50% of searches are carried on smartphones and tablets. So, one of the largest web design mistakes is that cannot display the content plus images properly particularly on smartphones and tablets can lead to severe losses for your businesses.

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According to a study, 17% of the global’s 876 million websites have been built responsive-friendly. In enhancement to that, recently Google launched a search update that punishes all non-responsive websites in smartphone searches so not owning a responsive friendly design will create a common website design mistake for businesses that create leads online.

  1. Depending On A Free Website Builder

Various platforms offer free website building services that use no more than 10 minutes to launch a new website. The large problem with such types of services is that every web design adds a group of files to the backend code and those make the website load slower. As a result, this is a web design error that leads to large performance issues also unlimited errors.


If you have a restricted budget, then try buying a premium web design theme that previously has an eye-catching look also an effective style for the website you wanted to have. Also, thousands of freelance developers or Development Company can help you in designing a custom theme at cost-effective prices.

  1. Not Including Actual Web Design Elements

Some websites are overloaded with too many points and functionalities while others ignore the essential design elements of their website. Having too many customizations can succeed in slowing down the production of the website along with that countless errors. So getting a good balance is important.


The case would be the same as photos, videos, banners, plus other varieties of visual content. Overall, your website should be designed in a means that it leads the customers’ eye to make a positive action such as asking for more information, asking for a quote, etc.

  1. Bad Usage Of Headers, Footers, And Sidebars

Businesses always remember that headers, footers, and sidebars are designed for advertising objectives. Nevertheless, it is a big no-no for websites that display a very large number of ads and banners when there is no or very limited content to go along with it. Such spaces can be used for extra navigation inside the website.

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Of course, we are not saying that it is not the best place a banner across the head of the page to advertise new promotions. Instead, what it means is that you ought to remember the importance of designing and have to keep the balance during the website.

  1. Not Providing Enough Customer Information

Some websites display too numerous advertisements, while some others spend numerous hours also advertise currency to drive customers to their websites but in the head, those fail to capture a sale or also a lead. But what are the possibilities of that customer returning to the website? Very few. This implies you need to invest more money to retarget campaigns or other procedures so that you can get your lost consumer back. Some big businesses just waste too much money every year regarding this very same thing without even realizing that they are not taking the customers’ information.

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Now, web design mistakes can be bypassed by designing a homepage opt-in offer which your website visitors can see. Whether it is an immediate coupon for a discount or free shipping on retail websites, it will make your lost consumers back to your website.

  1. Not Having Quality Web Design Content

Rich class content has been one of the important things that some of the best websites have steadily been maintaining. And yes, there are website owners who spend thousands of dollars on building an eye-catching website including then consider the actual content part as an afterthought. This leads to errors in web design and gives worse results than required as it is the number one way to engage website users also increase the conversion rates.

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To figure out if your content is good just in quality or not then just check your click-through rate for users. By this, you can surely understand whether people are viewing multiple pages on your website or just moving as soon as they open your website. In the end, give high-quality content quality as much as designing a website.

  1. Hiding Important Information In Web Design

Another common website design mistake is making critical information hard to find. Another important component such as products/services and blog page should also have their subcategories in the menu bar while a website visitor features that particular section. 

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While creating the sitemap or the navigational layout of your website, it is necessary to design it based on consumers’ demands and make those pages or information simple to find.


It could be a high start if you’re looking to create a successful website. The website design isn’t projectile science. Sometimes, web developers make easy also not significant mistakes in web design.

Creating an appealing website is important, however, it’s also important to create a website that makes you money.

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