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It is not enough to properly develop a website to ensure its success. The choice of web host is also an important aspect to take into account. Dhaka colo and OVH are renowned providers in this market. What are the features and performance of each of them? What is the right choice to make? You will find the answer to all these questions and many more in this comparison. In conclusion, our editorial staff will give you their opinion on the Dhaka colo or OVH question.


Who is this comparison for?

This comparison is for anyone who does not know whether to choose Dhaka colo or OVH to host their website.

History to put the context, here are some figures and data concerning them. The leading supplier serves more than 60,000 customers thanks to its hybrid cloud infrastructure distributed over its facilities in France and Canada. The second is a global hyper scalable cloud provider. It is considered to be the number 1 in Europe.

All that said, let's get right to the heart of the matter to find out which provider is the best between Dhaka colo and OVH.

Which host to choose between Dhaka Colo or OVH?

Determining the best website host among these two competitors looks complicated on paper. We will, therefore, base our comparison on several different aspects.

This will allow us to be much more objective in our recommendations. In this regard, do not hesitate to read our full reviews on OVH and Dhaka colo services. This will undoubtedly allow you to have an even more complete overview of their subjects.

In any case, in the first parts of this duel, we will take into account the pricing grid.

This is indeed an important factor in choosing a web host. Who will win our Dhaka colo vs OVH duel on this aspect? Let's take a look at the free and paid subscriptions offered by these providers to get a clear idea.

Free offer

Each of the suppliers that we present to you offers a free offer. It is a good alternative to test their services before you get started.

In the case of the first supplier, the free offer is called World Lite. It entitles you to 750 Mb of disk space, MySQL databases, PHP and e-mail accounts. A SiteBuilder is also included. We must say that the set is rather generous for a free plan.

Among its competitor, the free offer is called Start 10M. It does not appear anywhere on the official site, but it has the merit of existing. This plan gives you access to 10 MB of storage space to launch your website. It also includes 5 GB of space for your emails and monthly traffic of 1 GB.

Here, the databases are not available and we also deplore the absence of an easy site builder.

At this stage, it is already possible to identify a winner concerning this aspect of our duel: the supplier Dhaka Colo. However, it is preferable before deciding to take a closer look at paid offers.

Offers and rates for paid accommodation

Let's go to the comparison of paid offers from Dhaka colo and OVH. In this regard, it should be noted that the pricing structure of the first competitor can be broken down into two main parts.

We find indeed HybridCloud hosting and World hosting. hybrid cloud hosting is a combination of a dedicated server and colocation services providers in Bangladesh. This plan is available from € 49.99 / month. The World formula is available for only € 6.00 / month.

The second competitor offers a much more varied pricing structure. Dedicated servers are available from € 54.99 HT/month.

Virtual private servers are available from € 2.99 excl. Tax / month. In addition to that, you can get a private cloud from € 557.00 / month. This formula is the most expensive but also the most effective of the lot.

The money-back guarantee

On this point, the two competitors stand out. The first offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. The second competitor does not offer any satisfied or refunded guarantee. In other words, if you take out a subscription with the latter and you are not satisfied, your agent will be lost.

To summarize this part dealing with tariffs, the first supplier wins hands down this duel between Dhaka colo and OVH.


The pricing grid is only one of the many points on which we can base ourselves to compare two hosts.

We will now discuss the functionalities which represent a much more important point. To do this, we will talk about points such as the domain name offered, the storage space, the number of e-mail addresses and the databases.

Free domain name

Regarding the domain name, data center service providers in Bangladesh is very generous. Indeed, this website host offers a free domain name for life for the WORLD formula. Remember that this is already available with the small sum of € 6 / month. What to expect from OVH on this aspect?

The second competitor in this comparison is less generous with regard to the domain name. It offers you a free domain name for all of its subscription plans. The only shortcoming at this level is that this offer is valid only for the first 12 months of your subscription. Following this, you will have to pay your domain name full pot.

We can clearly see that the first host wins on this point. Indeed, it offers a domain name for life while this is not the case with its direct competitor. Now let's move on to the storage space offered by these website hosts.

Disk space

The disk space offered by a web host is generally dependent on the subscription formula. Our two competitors are no exception to this rule.

In the case of Dhaka colo, this volume is unlimited for a subscription to the World formula. As part of the hybrid cloud plan, you will be entitled to up to 16 TB of storage space.

OVH offers between 100 GB and unlimited storage space. For the personal plan, for example, you are entitled to 100 GB of storage space. The Pro plan entitles you to 250 GB of disk space. As for the Performance offer, you will be entitled to 500 GB of storage space.

It is therefore once again a point that turns to the advantage of Dhaka Colo! So far it's almost a faultless one for him.


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