Content Writing Tips

Writing career is booming at its high limits in current years. Everything interesting and useful for the reader has a high demand over the internet. Each piece of content that is with rich tips and problem-solving ideas about anything for sake of society performs well at this time.

5 the best tips for content writing that works great to get success in your writing career.

1. Topic Niche Content




It means that you are writing about a topic niche or everything about a specific theme. Your content heading or tagline describes your article in one line. So, mostly in writing jobs, you are provided with one phrase or line to write content and you have to explore all related useful information. You can separate the article into small paragraphs as relevant in the lines.

Suppose, you are asking to write the content about the Technology niche topic with the phrase “Best Smartphone in 2021”, then all content about smartphones that launched in 2021. All content is based on smartphones made and launched by different manufacturers in the asked year. You can mention upcoming smartphones and compare their feature with others.

Hence, in a writing job, you have a lot of options to write using deep and related niches.

You can write content on related things but not change the main concept of your article.


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2. Useful and Evidence-Based



Before writing content, you have to think like a user that how much content is useful for you. Attempt to provide readers the correct information about their queries. Evidence and research-based true content always weigh more than assumptive information. When writing content, keep in mind that your article is always the user query solver stuff and they get the best information from your content than from any other same article.

You can also refer to links to the best resources with a particular piece of information that has a high reputation over the internet with your shared content.

So, linking the related words or phrases of your content to various trusted sources like Wikipedia is the most important to pass juice with other websites. This evidence-based practice is most trusted within users and works as the trust signals for your shared information.






  1. Content Length


wordy content.jpg



Content length has become an important factor in a writing job. Earlier researches show that descriptive content of over 2200 words is performing better than a short piece of content. Most search engines prefer useful, detailed, and well-written content with a minimum of 300 words but an increase of length 900, 1200, or 2200 words would be more advantageous of being ranked.


So, be expressive and write content thoroughly in paragraphs with suitable headlines. The content should be well-written as the reader love to read and stay engaged with your entries every time. The wordy article has more options to express each point of information.


Therefore, provide the reader's detailed and useful information all the time to get better engagement.




4. Using Media Files 

media files.jpg

Using media files within the content is another good practice. Media files like pictures, infographics, and videos, etc attract users because most people love to see high-definition quality media files within the content to save time for reading. So, the use of content-related media files within an article is most beneficial. Also, try to add media files nears to the text that is most relevant to each other.


Media files like images, audios and videos help users to understand your words more easily and simply to save time in reading. Also, videos work well as don’t need a proper seat and fixed eye attention on your device in a busy lifestyle.


Suppose, if writing about a product then adding product images or related videos is one best practice. Therefore, add multiple media files near to lines that most relevant and describing one another.


5. Keyword Research & Density