Current Job Scenario In Canada for Immigrants?

When we plan to move abroad, the first thing that comes to our mind is will I get a job there to settle and live my life happily. Job is main criteria. Check out the Canada job Scenario, which will help you to think about why to choose Canada.

Whenever we think of Canada, the first thing comes up in our mind is can earn in dollars. As we all know it's because Canada is the fastest-growing nation with huge opportunities for skilled workers. In Canada, the candidate with the right experience and good skills is never jobless.
After reading many reviews and stories of successful immigrants or take motivations/advice from our friends or relatives living in Canada, we just get stuck with one question "is Canada suitable for me?" thinking if I'll be able to find a job there or not based on my work experience. When we hear the talk of people who were not able to clear the interview in Canada, it makes us think is it really so difficult.
To clear all your confusion, let us discuss trending jobs in Canada.

Is it true that there are many job opportunities in Canada?

Yes of course! The employment number is always rising. 

Rarely you will be able to see any Canada labour market report which states that the number of jobs in the country is failing. In fact, the reports always say that the Employment ratio is increasing but labour number is insufficient.
The employment ratio in the month of September increased by 54,000. This resulted in, decrease in the unemployment ration in Canada. If we have a look at the stats by quarterly analysis, overall 111,000 jobs were added. If we calculate the number on an annual basis, 456,000 employments grew till date.
Expressing the happiness of the growing employment in Canada, Senior Economist of the Royal Bank of Canada, Nye quotes “There was no give-back after August’s strong job numbers as Canada recorded another above-50,000 employment gain in September (the fifth such increase in nine months this year). The labour force is growing at its fastest pace in more than a decade, helping sustain job growth late in the economic cycle.”

2. Newcomers invited because of jobs - Is it true?

Yes! Canada requires many Candidates to fill the job vacancies in Canada.

Canada Immigration does not offer a job but they will have a strong connection and knowledge about the Canadian labour market needs. Nowadays, everywhere it is give and take a policy, the same applies here, no country would invite you without any benefits by providing permanent residency.

Firstly, Canada invites experienced skilled/professionals just because, Canada has jobs that locals can't fill maybe because of the low birth rate, new staffs are few reasons. Besides, Canada's present workforce is resigning. It needs new individuals' new ability to take up their positions.

Canada opens the doors of labour market for skilled professionals by offering various benefits for Canadian residents. Skilled professionals can grab this opportunity without depending on Canadian employers and can work for any companies they wish by applying for a Canada PR visa.

3. In Canada only IT professionals get jobs quickly - Is it true?

No! Canada offers huge opportunities in almost all sectors.

Usually, Canadian job portals highlight mostly jobs related to the IT sector. This is why people believe that only IT professionals can get a job easily in Canada.
In fact, that’s not true at all. Canada offers jobs in all sectors. You may think how is it possible, what's the proof. Have a look at this image which highlights top jobs who received ITAs last year. All listed occupations do not fall under IT.
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