Current situation of startups: their innovative ideas and challenges

At present the startups in India are bringing out products and services that are innovative in nature. But at the same time they face many challenges too. Here we discuss the challenges and the methods to overcome them.

Startups are the current buzzwords for the industry. Now and then we see a startup company is making the headlines. But how are they generating interests in the industry? What is working in their favour? In this blog, we will discuss this particular issue. We will emphasize on the Indian context as well.

How some digital marketing service providers in Kolkata are making the headlines?

In Kolkata, some newly established digital marketing companies are doing extremely well in terms of business. Their creative team is innovative, enterprising, and full of innovative ideas. Their project handling is personal. They are particular about their work ethics. And they take every project seriously. While others rely on conventional techniques for their businesses, these startups are not afraid to experiment and come up with fresh ideas.

Business always requires fresh ideas to work with. Without good ideas, a business cannot survive. These startup companies always look for a strong idea, which can become the backbone for their businesses. For this, they venture into uncharted territories. Sometimes they gamble with existing resources. Sometimes, they give a surprise discount on their services. Or, they might opt for redesigning a brand concept. Their main USP is their ability to experiment, which a well-established company might be afraid of.

Some digital marketing companies based in Kolkata prefer to take up ambitious projects in their hand. Without thinking about the risks and pitfalls, they dedicate themselves to get the best possible results out of these projects. This approach sometimes is extremely rewarding for businesses.

Digital marketing startup companies in the Indian context

In India, a digital marketing startup faces too many challenges. The shortage of resources, lack of infrastructure and lack of manpower are all the detrimental factors for these companies. But despite this, they often come out with flying colours. The reason behind this is that these companies manage themselves within their limitations. Their action plan is focused on the client. They emphasize on achieving their business goals through various experiments. They take the social sector into account. And many times, they give more weightage on values than profits.

How these startups avoid the risk of failure?

Digital marketing companies based in Kolkata know their limitations and operate within a framework. Their goals are different than a well-established company. They take calculated risks. Often that proves to become a successful strategy. But still, there are risks of failure. These companies try to minimize that by adopting numerous defensive measures. They keep a close eye on revenue generation. And only after a comprehensive review of their existing strength do they embark on a new project. Customer satisfaction is a primary concern for these companies. Hence, they make sure that customers are not deprived or feel unsatisfied with their services.

These are some salient features of digital marketing startups in India. From the trend, it can be clearly said that these startups will reach better heights in the coming days. Though, for that, they still need to cover a lot of ground.

How will the startups perform in the future?

Generally, all startups at present depend on online promotions for boosting their sales and services. However, funding and the quality of the service or the products play a crucial role in the sustainability of these small businesses. At times we have also experienced situations where a strategy of enhancing the brand reach was seen to be lacking amongst the founders of these businesses for which they have spent but has been unable to achieve the growth that they wished for.

It is owing to these facts that local startups are recommended to consult digital marketing companies based in Kolkata who can guide them and suggest them a strategy that will work in this highly competitive market.   

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