Custom Nylon Halters

Custom Nylon Halters

Halters are often plain in design, used as working equipment on a daily basis. In addition to the halter, a lead line, lead shank or lead rope is required to tie the halter.

Custom Nylon Halters

Nylon halters come in a regular style or with a breakaway crown for extra safety. In Nylon Halter's different variety of fittings like nickel, brass, and copper are also available which will add extra fun to the halters. These halters come in lots of fun colors, prints, or patterns. They are very durable as well as washable.

Halters are often plain in design, used as working equipment on a daily basis. In addition to the halter, a lead line, lead shank or lead rope is required to tie the halter.

Halter is also known as a headgear that is used to guide the horses. Halters are one of the most essential items for any horse owner. Every horse needs a halter at the time of riding because it is the only thing which can guide them in which direction the horse has to walk or run. Custom Nylon halters belong from the halter category and mostly used by the riders. These halters are durable enough to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions without losing their effectiveness.

This type of halters are used on a daily basis due to the comfort it provides to the horses. These halters were widely liked by the riders due to their availability in a wide range of colors and styles. These colorful horse halters come with fun prints and patterns which are made from high quality, durable nylon. Nylon halters are mostly preferred for everyday use.

These Halters also comes with padding on the inner side of the crown and noseband, this inner line padding provides extra comfort to the horses during the period of riding. Padded Nylon Halters are also easily adjustable.

Some Nylon Halters are customized with a leather overlayed crown and cheek sides to give a designer look to the Halters. These Customized Nylon Halters are also designed in dual color nylon to give a dash of colors to impress the riders of the horses.

Turnout halters are one of the examples of leather halters and these are least expensive ones. They should be overlaid with very soft and flexible leather to prevent hair loss under the halter straps. Some halters may have a snap at the throat and an adjustment at the chin while few of them only feature a snap at the throat and some have no snap or adjustment. Yet others feature double crown buckles. This is an advantage because it will provide greater flexibility with the fit. And most of the times, crowns will break first and it can easily be repaired or replaced. We at offers one of the largest and designer ranges of leather halters than anywhere else.


Nylon halters

This variety of halters are the items which are mostly used by the trainers today for everyday purpose. Nylon is a very firm material which gives more durability and saves money.

Due to this material, these halters are able to stand up to UV light or sun exposure very well. The resistance power of nylon is also very high as it never holds the dust and halts scratch. It is a washable material and fairly colorfast. It will last longer than other halter but also a little expensive. Best and affordable Nylon halters are suitable for every type of horse activities like trailering, wash rack, and turning out. We have a variety of leather halters and suggest that a leather crown style and safety halters can be used for turnout to prevent collisions.

When you come for custom nylon halters, then you'll get a different type of hardware fittings options. There are some examples of customized nylon halters, and these are - nylon halters with padding, leather crowned nylon halter, halters with metal nameplate, and many more.

Rope Halter

Rope halters are the most affordable item from the category. The reason behind its affordability is that its production is less costly and is easier to cut and burn so there is less labor involved in it. These are made up of high-quality nylon rope which makes it best quality lightweight rope halters than any other type of halters. There is no use of hardware fittings required to tie these type of halters because the rope is very thin so it is tied by making knots on the places of fittings made of metal. When you come to the category of rope halters you'll get a variety of colors which were mostly liked by the riders and trainers. These can also resist rust and also provide resistance from sunlight. Rope halters are mostly used for stable purposes and are the best training tool for the riders and their horses because it provides better communication between them without giving any type of load to the horse's head.

Leather Halters

Leather halters are the most expensive and durable halters. The best quality leather halters will help you well for many reasons. The first reason is that the leather is flexible and strong. The second reason is, it fits much better than most of the other style of halters.

Generally, Leather halters are said to be safer than others because they will break if a horse gets hooked on something. However, they can be repaired and generally helps the owner well.

Mostly leather halters are handcrafted and come in many styles and sizes. The leather is a supple material and the stitching is very good. The hardware which is used in making halters is usually solid brass. But, when you come for custom leather halter you will get some other fitting options too.

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