DAVIS ELVIN launches new product DR05-01 with a brand new design concept

Sports watch brand DAVIS ELVIN announced the launch of the DR05 collection at the end of March this year and showed the photos of DR05-01.


Sports watch brand DAVIS ELVIN announced the launch of the DR05 collection at the end of March this year and showed the photos of DR05-01. This collection continues the classic barrel-shaped appearance. The dial design and watch case texture have changed quite a lot, plus a new calendar function. Today, I will go through the details of the first watch DR05-01 of this collection.



People who know DAVIS ELVIN know that every watch of the brand has an exclusive style, DR05-01 is one of them. The white simple geometric figures stand harmoniously and symmetrically in the middle of the dial, with the style of modern urban architecture, which quite feels like the twin towers that often appear in metropolises. There are no extra decorative details. The scale adopts sky blue, which enhances the visual effect of the blue sky metropolis.




Have you noticed differences between DR05 and other watches from the picture above? You can see clearly the calendar and even the gem on the movement. This is the highlight of DR05. Traditional watches have only one layer of watch glass. DAVIS ELVIN adds a layer of sapphire glass lens as the dial. The pattern derived from modern architecture is drawn on this transparent sapphire layer.




The dial is a very representative visual symbol of a watch, but the traditional dial has its limitations and cannot be fully creative. Davis Elvin took a unique approach, using transparent sapphire glass lenses as the watch dial, and artistic creation in it, bringing a brand new DR05, which is a rare design in the industry.


DAVIS ELVIN DR05-01 has a diameter of 41.50mmX50.15mm. This size is perfect for sports style. Davis Elvin still adopts TLCT carbon fiber composite material to build the case, but the texture has changed a lot. This time, the wavy moire carries the strong Italian style in the architectural movement happened at the beginning of the 19th century, elegant and agile. The matte-treated carbon fiber case is delicate to touch, and the texture shines brightly under the light, which is very ornamental.




On top of the crown is engraved with the Davis Elvin brand LOGO, and there is a non-slip tire pattern around the crown, so that the wearer can better grasp and adjust it. The watch is equipped with a blue fluororubber strap that is consistent with the dial, which is softer than the previous watch, so that the wearer won't feel any discomfort when long-term wearing. The buckle made of titanium alloy is also engraved with the brand LOGO.





In general, DAVIS ELVIN's DR05-01 performance is not bad, and has been greatly upgraded in terms of design concept and craftsmanship. Especially the attractive dial design will drive trendy young people crazy. The fusion of sapphire glass, carbon fiber composite material, and titanium alloy is also popular with watch lovers who fancy craftsmanship. If you're interested in this watch, you might as well pay more attention to it. Looking forward to the next new watch of the DR05 series, it may bring more surprises.





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