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Diamond and Graphite: Industrial Usage & Benefits

Diamond is one of the most expensive stones in the world. Diamond and graphite are two separate stones but both of them are composed of carbon.

Diamond and graphite both have different properties of carbon arises due to their distinct crystal structures. Due to different types of chemical bonds, carbon comes in different types of allotropes. The most demanding two types of allotropes are diamond and graphite. China Graphite Mold is quite famnous when we talk about the industrial usage of graphite. In this blog, we will discuss a few applications of both graphite and diamonds. 

Pure Solid Element:

Diamond is a pure solid form of carbon. Tetrahedrally carbons are arranged in a diamond. Understand the carbon atoms attachment here: it is attached to 4 other carbon atoms 1.544 x 10-10 meters away with a C-C-C bond. This provides the atom with an angle of 109.5 degrees. Cut, its color, weight(carat) are the main important parts of the diamond from which its price is finalized. Due to its tetrahedral structure, it shows resistance to compression. It is the hardest material on earth. It can also conduct sound, as it is an insulator so it can’t conduct electricity.

Graphite Natural Elemenet:

Graphite is a naturally occurring mineral but it can also produce synthetically by heating carbon. Graphite has various use like its s used in electrodes, pencils, batteries, and many domestic products. It is highly used in industrial areas. Graphite as Pencil Lead, Graphite Round, Graphite Rod, Graphite flake is famous graphite products.

Diamond has a feature to disperse the light. Gemstone behaves like a prism to separate the white light into rainbow color. More dispersion means a more spectrum of colors will be obtained.

To give rise to the fire, this property is used for diamonds. Diamonds stem form a mixture of internal reflection, refraction and dispersion of light as many of you read in Physics prism topic. For instance, if we talk about yellow light, its refractive index is 2.4 and CA is 24.5 degrees. Passing through the diamond, yellow light hits with internal angel >24.5 degrees.

The carbon atoms in graphite are arranged in such a way that they are layered properly. These atoms have different types of interaction. At the first, each carbon is bonded with the other 3 carbon atoms. The gap between these two layers is 3.347 x 10-10 meters. Unlike diamond, graphite is also used as a lubricant.

Graphite Products: 

Graphite is converted to diamond at a very high temperature. Graphite helps in many industries in various forms like in steel factories as heat furnaces, automobile spare parts. This versatile element is also used to create Graphite Nuts & Bolts, heating elements and graphite tubes. It is also used in pencils, mettallurgy, mining, as square graphite crucibles and heat resistant elements. In the development of automobile industry, graphite has been a vital element throughout the era. 

China is producing high quality graphite both naturally and synthetically. There is a need of 20,000 tons of graphite in automobile industry in China. The automobile industry in getting advance day by day in China and needs more graphite supplies to build top notch vehicle spare parts. High purity graphite line falls in between 21-29%.

Graphite Mining Industry:

How does graphite mining industry work? How does it make sure to extract the pure and natural graphite? The use of graphite in automobile batteries has gone vital. It needs to be economical as well as of high quality at the same time.

Graphite production to fill up batteries goes up to 50,000 tons and same goes to the cell phones, tablets and laptops. the amount mentioned doesn’t matter. At this time, graphite is not extracted at the pace which is required in the automobile industry to let it expand.

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