difference between a facial beauty device and a facial massager

What's the difference between a facial toner and a facial roller?

If you're wondering, "What's the difference between a facial toner and a facial massager? If you're wondering, "What's the difference between a facial device and a facial massager?

If you are wondering, "What is the difference between a facial beauty device and a facial massager?

It is important to understand the functions and effects of each product before choosing the right one for you.

If you don't know what to buy, don't miss the recommended products as well.

What is the difference between a facial beauty device and a facial massager?

What exactly are the beauty products that we often hear about on TV and in magazines, such as facial equipment and facial massagers?

Let's take a look at the difference between a facial device and a facial massager.

What is a facial beauty device?

A facial device is an item that has the ability to improve various problems, and each product has a different function.

They are very popular because they can solve a variety of skin problems such as spots, acne, wrinkles, dullness, and clogged pores.

It can also approach problems caused by aging, so it is recommended for those who are worried about aging skin.

This beauty product also supports the penetration of cosmetic ingredients such as serums and creams, and is expected to be more effective than manual skin care.

What is a facial massager?

A facial massager, as the name suggests, is an item that improves swelling and sagging of the skin by rolling the massager.

It is expected to have a small face effect, making your face lines look sharper.

It is popular among beauty-conscious people because it can be used easily in spare time, such as while watching TV or taking a bath.

Since it can massage not only the face but also the arms and calves, it is a recommended item for people who tend to swell due to desk work.

Differences between facial beauty devices and facial massagers

The main difference between a facial appliance and a facial massager is the effect you can expect.

Facial massagers are specialized items for improving sagging and swelling, while facial appliances can be used for various effects such as skin problems, dullness, and moisturizing, in addition to sagging and swelling.

You need to choose a beauty item that has the right functions for the problems you are facing.

If the functions are not in line with your concerns, you will not see any effects from continued care.

Be sure to check the functions of the facial device or massager before purchasing.

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What are the most effective items and functions for different problems?

It is important to recognize the functions and other features when choosing a beauty item such as a facial device or a facial roller.
Choose an item with the right function for your problem and aim to improve it.

Sagging and swelling

If you are suffering from sagging or swelling, choose a facial roller or a facial appliance with EMS.

Facial rollers can be used to treat the whole body in addition to the face.

EMS stands for "Electric Muscle Stimulation," and it is a function that stimulates the muscles with a weak electric current.

It is a feature that athletes use for dieting and training, and it is gaining attention.

This function is recommended for sagging and swelling because it can move muscles that cannot be trained by yourself.

Facial rollers and EMS can be expected to lift, improve swelling and sagging, and massage the lymphatic system, so they are recommended for people who are prone to swelling and those who have started to worry about sagging.

Clogged pores and pimples

If you are suffering from skin problems such as clogged pores and acne, use a facial steamer or a facial peeling device to help remove dirt from your pores.

Steamers apply steam to the skin to open the pores and support skin turnover.

Peeling works by misting water to remove dirt from the skin.

It can improve the clogged pores that cause acne and prevent skin problems.


If you have dry skin, you need to take thorough moisturizing care.

Choose a facial device that has LED treatment and core pulse functions to enhance the effect of moisturizing care.

LED treatment is a function that supports the production of collagen, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity.

Core Pulse uses electromagnetic waves to temporarily create gaps in the skin cells to promote the penetration of cosmetic ingredients.

It is recommended for people with dry skin as it is expected to be more effective than hand care.


If you have blemishes that are becoming more noticeable, we recommend a facial device with ion-introduction or LED treatment.

Iontophoresis is a function that allows vitamin C derivatives to penetrate the skin and promote the penetration of cosmetic ingredients with whitening effects.

LED treatment promotes blood circulation and supports skin turnover as well as collagen production.

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