Different Types Of Funeral Cars For The Last Ride

But now the trend is of the body being carried in a dead body carrier car because you no longer have the time necessary for that.

Death is an unavoidable incident in one’s life and you really have to be prepared for it, mentally as well as practically. There are a number of things that have to be arranged once a person expires like arranging for the doctor’s confirmation, death certificate, carrying the body to the burial ground or the cremation place, last rites and so on. In between you also have to inform the relatives who will come over to give their respects. Sometimes, people have the time to plan these things beforehand in case of long-time ailing relatives. But in other times these happen so suddenly leaving people no time for any kind preparation or dead body carrying vehicle.

The funeral cars

Carrying the body to the burial ground is a matter of responsibility and respect. A dead body has to be covered and carried properly so that there is no disrespect. Also, it has to be borne in mind that a dead body starts to decompose after sometime. So, the body has to be handled with care. Embalming is an important part of the entire process if it has to be carried a long distance. Therefore, the car that is to carry the body has to be large enough so that the body is taken comfortably. Earlier, people would carry the body on their shoulders to the place of burial or cremation. But now the trend is of the body being carried in a dead body carrier car because you no longer have the time necessary for that.


Different types and sizes

If you think that the freezer is nothing but just a box with a temperature facility then you are wrong. There are different types of freezers out there. You can pick one that is effective for you. There are families that want the body to be kept int eh best shape and in a cushioned manner before it gets to the funeral. You can find comfortable and luxurious freezers that are stylish, upgraded and have different facilities as per the needs of the family. Right from a simple freezer box to an exclusive box, you can find plentiful options. The sizes of the freezer boxes are as per the requirement of the body. In this way, the body can be preserved in the box spaciously and without any compromises.

There are three types of funeral cars available to people.

  • The first type of cars is simply for the transportation of the body to the burial area. These are used by people who do not have sufficient time in hand for an elaborate procession. The car that usually arrives is a regular one instead of the regular funeral car.
  • The second type of car is the hearse van.  These are designed specifically for carrying caskets, coffins and dead bodies. It can carry people who want to accompany the deceased to the final resting place. Therefore, you will have to book one that is large enough to accommodate everybody. The traditional hearse vans used to pull the dead body at the end of the car. There are also luxury models available for the same.
  • The third variety is the combination cars which typically have the features of a mortuary vehicle and also a hearse van. This means that there is the option for carrying a freezer for the dead body and also medical equipment. So, it can transport the body from the hospital as well as the body of a deceased person. Over the years the designs and facilities of the dead body carrying vehicle has also changed immensely to keep abreast of the changing requirements of the people.
  • The dead body carrier car is also available in black as well as white colours. Some also have the provision of adding flowers for decoration.