Timber Flooring

Different Types of Timber Flooring

This piece explores different kinds of timber flooring and why you should invest in each one of them.

Different Types of Timber Flooring

In the last three decades, homeowners have started appreciating timber floors as an excellent alternative to flooring. Timber, unlike most materials, has many advantages. One of the benefits of using this flooring type is the final look timber flooring gives a property.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are popular in new residential areas. The main reasons why they are popular include their quality and more importantly, their price tags. As a homeowner, you have seven sources to select from when looking for hardwood floors. These options include maple, birch, ash, mahogany, teak, oak, and walnut. 

Hardwood floors are unique in the following ways. First, the durability of the hardwood floors is unmatched, thanks to the time taken for hardwood trees to mature. Second, the hardwood floors are the best choice if the homeowner wants a floor that stays unaffected after harsh conditions.

However, hardwood is expensive compared to other flooring options. The other disadvantage of the hardwood floor is that, unlike engineered wood floors, it is not customizable. Lack of a customizable feature, therefore, leaves the homeowner with fewer choices in terms of customizing the floor. 

Softwood floor

Softwood is also a common material for making floors around the world. Although most people associate softwood with less costly floors, some softwoods are pricey. The following are some of the advantages of using softwood as a flooring material.

First, compared to hardwood, softwood materials are cheaper. The main reason why softwood is affordable is the age trees take to mature. Second, it is easier to craft the floor to the desired form when using softwood. The ability to customize floors is an added advantage if using softwood as a flooring material. 

Generic wood floors

  1. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the best generic flooring options in 2019. Although people have used different materials to make wooden floors, the use of resin and wood pulp is the best. Laminated wood flooring is ideal for the following reasons. 

First, this type of wood gives the homeowner a chance to get the same hardwood quality but at a lower price. Depending on the materials and material proportions, it is possible to get the same hardwood quality by using resin and wood pulp. 

Second, the laminated floors are customizable compared to other types of wooden floors. The ability to make laminated wood flooring using different ways makes this type of floor the best for interior designers. 

  1. Treated softwood

Did you know that it is possible to treat softwood to make it stronger and resistant to environmental changes? In the last decade, professionals have created different approaches to treating softwood. Treating softwood is ideal because of the following reasons.

First, it is a cheaper option compared to buying hardwood. Second, treating softwood make the final product resistant to different environmental factors. Factors such as temperature changes may affect untreated softwood, but with professional input, it is possible to achieve the same results to those of hardwood. 

  1. Multi-layer synthetic wooden flooring

The main reason why this wooden flooring option is popular among homeowners is the customization aspect. The manufacturer uses different materials to create a long-lasting wooden floor at an affordable price point. Unlike other flooring options, however, not all options on this category are durable. 

What should you consider when investing in a timber floor? 

  1. Your budget 

How much are you willing to spend on a wooden floor? If your budget is not constrained, investing in hardwood or synthetic wooden flooring should be your first option. However, if your budget is tight, exploring other options is advisable. 

  1. Do you need a customizable floor? 

After considering your budget, you should evaluate what type of floor you need for your home in terms of customization. Like mentioned above, not all wooden floor options are customizable. If customization is a non-issue, then you should go for any floor make. However, if you want a customizable floor, you should consider treated softwood options or other generic options. 

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