men gold chain 9 carat

Different ways of wearing men gold chain 9 carat

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Men also love to wear gold chains. It is not in trend from some time. They are wearing jewellery from the beginning. You can say before even women start wearing chains. The gold chains go with all the outfits. It is noticeable from the far because of its colour. Some men just like to carry gold chains to show off their money and status. But if you want to wear a gold chain as the fashion then men gold chain 9 carat is the best choice for you. it is not so heavy but is very reliable and strong.

Different believes

Some men carry gold chains 9 carat due to a firm believer in astrology. They wear for good luck or they some wear it to get rid of health issues. It is said by the astrologers that gold is the symbol of warmth. 

Ways of wearing gold chains

There are many different ways for men to wear a gold chain. It mostly depends on the dressing. Also, what style suits you the most. Many men like the chain to stay visible whenever they go out. For them, the choker necklace is the best to choose. It stays close to the neck and visible. If you are wearing a button-up shirt, keep the collar button of the shirt open. It will stay visible.

Some don’t like the chain to stay so close to the neck. They like a bit close to the neck. Mostly the length of these gold chain is 20 to 24 inches. To make it visible when you are wearing a button-up shirt, keep the 2 top buttons of the shirt open.

There is some whose choice is wearing a gold chain 9 carat that is 24 to 30-inch-long. Mostly rappers and hip-hop dancers wear these long length chains. Not everyone can carry this style.

Does a man look irresponsible when they wear a gold chain?

We live in a society where people judge so quickly. Still in 2019, many think that a man who wears a gold chain is not straight. Many will call them a gangster or they will think he is an irresponsible person. There are many other different images too that people made.

But there is no way to think like that. Wearing a gold chain did not have any connection with sexuality. Or there is no need to relate them with any criminal gangs. Men are wearing jewellery for so many years. The kings and powerful man in the past used to wear gold chains to show their power. Still, some wear it for the same person but the percentage of these men is 5 to 10%. Mostly men wear gold chains 9 carats for fashion.

What do 9 carats mean?

Few have no idea what 9 carats mean. It is the way of telling how much pure gold is used in the chain. It is not possible to make a gold chain by using 100% pure chain. To make it tough, strong and reliable they mix different types of other metals in it too.

Also, the men gold chain 9 carat is the best choice if you have a limited budget. It is not very expensive the way 18ct or 24ct chains are. 

Types of men gold chains

In the market, there are a lot of options for men, if they need to buy a gold chain. You can choose the one that will suit your style and personality. The most popular or you can say common types that men like to wear are Ball chains and cable chains. Their style is very similar. In Ball chains, you can put dog tags and in cable chains, many small pieces are connected to make a chain.

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