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Do Not Fall in Trap of Free Windows Data Recovery Software

Lost all your files and folder in Windows 10 computer then try the Data Recovery Software specifically designed for Windows Operating System and do not fall in trap of Free Recovery Tools. Get all your Photos, Videos, Files quickly with this recovery software

Imagine you saved photos of your brother's wedding in Windows 10 system and the next day when you woke up, the photos are missing. So, how you handle such a situation. They were the precious moments captured in photos and now they are gone. Some users require documents that they deleted long time ago and they are no longer available. Such incidents happen to many users. However, to deal with such situations there are recovery software's available. But here, what most people choose are free data recovery tool.

Users get panicked when the files, photos get deleted and they look for every solution to recover them. Many websites promise to recover them for free, however, it possesses the risk of further loss. When you installed recovery software from unknown sources it might be infected by virus that interferes with system files. Free recovery tools cause more damage than recovery. The files recovered by these tools lose their quality and make further recovery impossible. So, Stellar has introduced this professional Windows Data Recovery software. An excellent tool that restores deleted files and removes errors and recovers items perfectly.

The Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is compatible with windows 10 and previous versions. It is easy to use and make the data recovery process easier. Whether it is your hard-disk, Pen drive, SD Card, or other storage media the recovery software support all type of mediums. Have a look at some of its features.

Advantages of Windows Data Recovery

Recover Photos/ Videos/ Emails: The windows data recovery software can recover all type of data files whether it is your photos, video files, office documents, audio, calendar data, emails, or other data. The software is also known for recovery of windows exe files, dll, text files, PSD, PDF and many others.

Recover Deleted Data: Most, of the time it happens that the virus infect the data files and they get lost. Same as that happen when you save a file and they are found missing or sometime, while deleting files in bulk important files also get deleted. Windows Data Recovery software recovers these lost and deleted files in one go by scanning them

Scanning Options: The software has two scan options i.e. Quick and Deep scan. If the files get recently deleted then recover them with quick scan options. If you want to retrieve files that were deleted long time ago, then run the deep scan, here the software will scan the each and every component of drive and recover them.

Preview and Selective Recovery: The Windows Data Recovery Software generates the preview of files while scanning. The software has 'File Type', 'Deleted Items', 'Tree View' in preview window. This makes user to easily sort the files. Like if you are looking for deleted items then go to delete section, or if you want to recover .jpg files then go to 'file type' section. In this way, you can recover selective items.

Recover Deleted Email Files: Whatever be the type of E-mail application you are using, the Windows Data Recovery software can restore emails from Lotus Notes (NSF), Outlook (PST), Exchange Server (EDB), Outlook Express (DBX), Select the recovery item 'Documents, Folders and Emails' to recovery these email files.

Drive Cloning Add-on: The software comes with a SMART drive monitoring and cloning option. This add-on monitors the performance of hard-drive and then checks if the drive is in recovery state. The cloning option creates a replica of the drive for future recovery.

Recover Missing Partitions: The Windows Recovery Software recovers the file from scanning options. It looks for the bad sectors in hard-drive and then found reference to perform recovery. 

So, Windows Data Recovery Software comes with advanced features and that makes the data recovery in windows 10 easy and simple. 



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