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Do Varicose Veins Diminish After Pregnancy?

Do Varicose Veins Diminish After Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you may suffer from varicose veins because it is the most annoying change that occurs in your body during this time. Varicose veins generally do not harm women during pregnancy. Varicose veins develop at this time because the extra weight in a woman’s body puts pressure on the veins that function to carry blood back to the heart. If you feel that veins are causing you irritation, you should visit the vein center.



Varicose veins can cause itching leading to irritation and may become painful. They generally grow into legs or faces. This type of condition requires a vein doctor near me long island.


What Are Varicose Veins?


These veins are damaged, twisted swollen veins that usually appear under the surface of the skin. They appear in red or blue color on the surface of the skin of the leg or face. Sometimes they are stretched in the form of the web causing irritation, pain, and itching. In this case, you should call a vein doctor near me long island.


During pregnancy, varicose veins not only appear on the legs but might be seen on the vulva as well. It is a misconception that varicose veins appear on the legs only. It can be developed at any part of the body but maybe they are less noticeable.  


Hemorrhoids are also swollen veins that appear on the internal lining of the colon and which are normal in pregnancy. Rarely, varicose veins may be seen on the stomach and arms also. You may consult your doctor for varicose vein treatment long island. 


What are the Main Causes of their growth in pregnancy?


Usually, the reason for their development is because of pressure on the inferior vena cava. This is the vein that spreads to the feet and legs. Another reason for causing them can be hereditary. If it has been in your family generation by generation, you are also prone to it.  


Other than that Progesterone and pregnancy hormones are other main reasons for growing varicose veins in women during pregnancy.  It is especially very common if you have been pregnant more than once.


Do They Require Medical Attention?


Not all the time, but sometimes if they are creating health issues for you and your baby leading to discomfort, it is a medical condition and you should visit a doctor to know your options for the treatment. Rarely, women can notice blood clotting that is a serious medical condition and require treatment.  



Will varicose veins disappear with childbirth?


Women who didn’t experience any symptoms of varicose veins before pregnancy, will definitely never see them after giving birth to a child. But there is no surety of the fact.


Some basic ways to ease the varicose veins symptoms during pregnancy:


  • Take frequent pauses and move around as much as you can while you are standing or sitting.
  • Don’t sit cross-legged.
  • Raise your feet while you are resting.


  • Wear maternity support hose: Maternity compression stockings will gently compress the leg muscles and squeeze the veins to help force the blood flow back to the heart. They are different from regular stockings because they apply gradual amounts of pressure to the leg. You should avoid tight socks or knee-highs that squeeze at a certain part of the leg as it can obstruct blood circulation.  


If you experience veins hard, warm, or painful, contact your doctor.  


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