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Do you know what links original SEO and video content optimization work?

Video content is becoming more and more necessary now, especially with regard to online marketing strategies. Among the strongest places of insightful videos embedded on each webpage, I first see such benefits as managing more leaders, building more trusted branding authorities with better customer awareness, and ultimately greater revenue-generating potential for every online business on the whole.

Usually, video content is somehow associated only with social media marketing on its own. But it is a big mistake to believe so. Yes, of course, Twitter, Facebook, as well as YouTube itself are the great things to post your eye-catching promotional videos. All of these platforms have been used proven and ideally suited for action like this. But here comes a more than critical question - what if there are tighter interrelationships between SEO and video content? As today search optimization covers many more aspects beyond content. In fact, from the point of view of the search engines, well-optimized video content is like having quality content, but in its personal way. Here's a brief overview - whether SEO and video content should go hand in hand to drive even more organic traffic that typically develops into qualified leads? Or nothing yet? Okay, I'm kidding here. As far as I'm concerned, having my standard work on SEO and video content tightly integrated is already a fairly comfortable state of affairs. I'm going to prove I'm right. Below I will provide you with

Before we get started, let's understand a simple proposal - web page SEO and video content optimization are similar but still not identical. Like the original content in writing, videos by Google take into account quality content and the number of strong backlinks. Let's look at my past experience to make the most of their similar nature.

First of all, let's continue with video transcriptions. Having transcribed video content on your web pages will be great for everyone: real users enjoy a highly relevant and engaging data for higher conversion, while the search engines are likely to rank you best in the SERPs. way, we should do our best to help the crawlers "read" video content in the same way as if it were just a regular piece of writing. You will need a full word transcript, as well as text highlights for each video you will present. To do that, I suggest using a worthy experience in this area made by Moz (just watch their fantastic videos on Whiteboard Friday).

Finally, let's look at optimizing metadata for videos. As I said before, especially this aspect of overall digital marketing knowledge especially SEO and video optimization works much the same. Just your video descriptions, as well as each title:

  • More compelling and welcoming for greater click-through
  • Purely relevant and natural to your web page content

Included with only real keywords relevant to your market niche or target audience

  • Meta descriptions up to 155 characters
  • Striking titles under 55 characters

Are the SEO and social media connected?

The influence of Social Media and the way it spans the field of Search Engine Optimization is probably one of the most questionable questions. I mean the puzzles like that: how does social media influence SEO? Are these two concepts in synergy, not at all, or even nothing at all?

Here comes a spoiler - the shortest answer is yes, it does. But it would be more correct to consider the second, broader and comprehensive interpretation. Let's face it - social media marketing certainly has a relationship with SEO, but can it be mutual? Unfortunately, I only feel one thing - social media has no positive impact on SEO. It simply does not help search engine optimization as most people believe it does.

Below, I'm going to combine my own suggestions with valuable insights provided by Google team members. First, let's take it for granted - the world's search industry giant has never received any social media confirmation for direct position factors. I mean, yes, social media is still under completely reasonable ways to get better online visibility for the content. And yes, ultimately it is about SEO. What can we know for sure about how social media influences SEO? Regardless of what the correct answer might be, it is clear that social media can really help your works to optimize works as a whole. But I'm still wondering, will the search giant ever bring more social signals to its current ranking algorithm?

At this time, Google search algorithms have never been disclosed. Therefore, the only way to understand the behavioral patterns of Google search is to test every possible outcome in a real test. Can you imagine how time-consuming and labor-intensive this research works? Ok, let's go back to the point. How does social media affect SEO? We can also use social media for just about anything, but not a direct factor in ranking, according to Google officials. Well, that doesn't mean that social media doesn't affect rankings just because Google has confirmed that social media itself doesn't stand for a ranking factor.

I believe that more or less correct answer is somewhere about the word “correlation.” As this term was mentioned in the context of the Rebooting Ranking Factors White Paper provided by Searchmetrics in 2016. I'm sure guys are indeed moving the right way. So, the only correct answer to how social media affects SEO becomes clear - yes, it does. But there are no direct or double-order relationships there yet. So, keeping an eye on promoting the use of different means of social media is still a well-formed decision. At the same time, Search Engine Optimization requires your exact efforts and time in its own way.


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