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Dog Walking Parks in Brisbane

If you are travelling to Brisbane, your dog will have a great time. Brisbane has all these wonderful parks specially made for dog walking.

Brisbane is known for its rich culture and heritage and that is what attracts tourism in this city. These days, people tend to travel with their pets, especially their dogs. While Brisbane can be counted as a paradise for tourists, many concern about where to take their pets when they are travelling to Brisbane. Brisbane is full of parks and greeneries. But all parks are not the eligible to take your dogs to, notably when there is a signboard saying dogs are prohibited from entering the parks.

But there’s no need to worry. If you are travelling to Brisbane, your dog will have a great time. Brisbane has all these wonderful parks specially made for dog walking. Here we will provide you with a complete guide to all the best dog walking places in Brisbane to make your worry a little less. Have a look!

  1. Downfall Creek Reserve

Being one of the largest off-leash areas for dogs in Brisbane, the Downfall Creek Reserve is the best place for your dog if it doesn’t like much crowd. This four hectares, unfenced area has a creek on one side of it along with a picnic shelter, bridges, freshwater supply and of course the mandatory doggie bin. So, if you are walking your dog in Downfall you don’t have to worry about anything necessary. The park can be entered from Brickyard Road in Virginia or the well known Jefferis Street in Wavell Heights.

  1. Aquatic Paradise Park

Located amidst a little more hustle-bustle, the Aquatic Paradise Park is truly a paradise for the dogs who love to roam around, jump, run and play without any rules. It is situated in Birkdale, on its West Commodore Drive. Aquatic is one of the very few dogs walking parks in Brisbane which has zero fences. The bay at this park gives the most scenic views. Your dog and you will have an amazing time there for sure.

  1. Tuckeroo Park

One of the favourites among the residents of Brisbane to walk their dogs, the Tuckeroo Park is located in the Nudgee Road which falls under the municipality of Nudgee Beach. If your dog gets excited to see beach waves, this is the ideal place for it. If it doesn’t have special attention to the beach, even then you should take your dog there for its ‘Doggy World’, an adventure park specially made for dogs. This park has two different zones one for off-leash and the other for on-leash for you to choose from.

  1. Schusters Park

Schuster’s is another dog walking park in Brisbane that has a breathtaking sea view and a beach to stroll. Located in the suburbs of Tallebudgera, this park offers a tremendous grassy, lush green field where your dog can roam without the leash. It also has a creek and a little beach strip but it falls under the on-leash zone. Besides, if you want to plan a little picnic, the park has all the facilities from barbecuing to kids’ playground.

  1. Powerhouse Park

Situated in the Lamington Street in New Farm, Powerhouse Park is known for its beautiful location alongside the Brisbane River and the Brisbane Powerhouse which is a very famous attraction for tourists. This place is very popular among the residents of the area who has small dogs. It has shades and beautiful grassy field. But it’s not a good idea to take your dog there if it hates crowd. This park stays pretty busy and full most of the times.

  1. Monoplane Street Park

If you own a comparatively large dog, the Monoplane Street Park in Ashgrove is the ideal place for taking your dog for a stroll. It offers a wide, fenced area that has enough space for your dog to go for a happy run. The natural tree shades will also provide a very comfortable place for your dog to take rest when it will get tired of all the running. But try to avoid Sundays as the park is always packed on weekend.

  1. Elanora Park

Located in the Granada Street in Wynnum, the Elanora Park is known for its large off-leash area with agility equipment. It is the perfect place if both you and your furry friend love to enjoy different shades of nature’s beauty. There is a beautiful mangrove boardwalk situated right next to the park and you will always face the cool sea breeze against your skin. It is a great place to seek some relaxing time for both the dog and dog owners. 

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