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Dr Yasmin owns the best pediatric clinic in Dubai and has the most effective pediatricians. We tend to facilitate your children to remain work & healthy. Let's keep your children healthy. We've got a spread of paediatric subspecialties to produce the specialised take care of your young ones. We have the best pediatric dentist in Dubai guarantee your youngsters get the most effective attainable medicine dental treatments and stay comfy and happy as attainable. Her approach focuses on creating the youngsters rejoice and obtain the most effective treatment out there.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning for Your Child

Bringing toddlers to the dentist is a scary task for parents! However, it really doesn’t have to be this way! Especially, if you bring them to our real life pediatric dentist tooth fairy.

Dr. Yasmin will be happy to have a conversation with you (or your teen) and introduce your toddler to a “Sugar Monster Free” environment. Through songs, play, laughter and a tour of the ‘Magical House of Dental Instruments’, she will prepare your toddler for their dental treatment without tears.

Dealing with toddlers at the dentist is not an easy task, but it’s definitely rewarding, especially when we see a happy child leaving with a special gift.

Book your consultation with the pediatric clinic in Dubai before the treatment and allow your child to adjust and familiarise themselves to the environment and Dr. Yasmin’s contagious joy and happiness! In this way, your child will be less scared, more excited about their treatment and maybe even look forward to a gift or a dancing video with their, soon to be favorite, pediatric dentist.

The journey to healthy teeth starts very early. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child’s first dental visit is around the first year of life. It is not as much for the dentist to check the baby’s teeth, as it is for the parents to be informed of what to expect and how to start healthy, happy dental habits early on. This is called “Anticipatory Guidance” where the pediatric dentist answers common questions of what brush to use, what toothpaste to use and how to brush, amongst other important questions mostly related to feeding (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding).

The best time for the first pediatric dentist visit is when your child has their first tooth or not later than their first birthday. This first dental visit isn’t really for doing any real work, but rather for introducing your child to the environment of a dentist’s office. You can let your child explore different instruments and take a ride in the chair to make them more comfortable.

This first visit gives the child a “Dental Home” – a great opportunity for the child to feel comfortable and develop a happy relationship with their dentist for many more years to come.

We take great pride in the fact that we can offer these children the best dental care and a piece of mind for their parents. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child’s first dental visit is around the first year of life and this is especially important for children with special needs. Our expert pediatric dentist, Dr. Yasmin Kottait, is experienced and equipped to treat children with physical or behavioral challenges or disabilities. During the first visit, she can evaluate your child’s dental development, help you create the most appropriate home care routine for your child and put a prevention plan in place. Working closely with you and your child, she will help you in your journey to avoid many potential dental problems in the future.

As each child is different and each condition causes different issues or different developmental patterns, it is important to talk to an expert pediatric dentist and make an individual prevention program for your child. Dr. Yasmin will be happy to assist you with it, so give us a call or book your appointment through our website and rest assured that your child will get a relaxing treatment from an expert, kind and smiley tooth fairy.

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