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Draftkings vs Fanduel - A Comprehensive Guide for Sports Enthusiasts

Looking for a new sports betting or daily fantasy site? We compare two industry titans in today's showdown: DraftKings vs. FanDuel.

In this digital era, we know that most people are passionate about daily fantasy sports applications. In recent times, the daily fantasy sports industry generated a lucrative amount of money by introducing new fantasy sports apps in the global market. In this new generation, many people will be a fan of a specific sport. It may be cricket, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, or whatever. The love towards these sports made many people create fantasy sports apps for their business.

In this present time, two fantasy sports apps are prevailing in the USA and Canada. Such as Draftkings and Fanduel. These two applications have different functionalities but their primary aim is to provide the best sports betting app for worldwide sports fans. For those fans, they will always update new features and live score updates. Also, by using this kind of fantasy sports application, users can make money, bonus points, and rewards easily. 

People who have invested in fantasy sports app development have made billions of dollars in the industry. For this major reason, many people are investing their money to develop a fantasy sports app like Draftkings and fanduel. But there are some differences between these two daily fantasy sports apps. So before developing an app like fanduel or DraftKings, you must know the differences between them. 

In this article, let us see which is a better daily fantasy sports app fanduel or DraftKings with an ultimate guide. Now, let us begin with…

What is DraftKings?

Draftkings is an online fantasy sport betting app that is mostly played by sports enthusiasts. In 2012, Draftkings was first introduced in the market by Jason Robins, Paul Liberman, and Matthew Kalish. It was considered the most prominent fantasy sports application in the USA and Canada. Currently, this app has billions of active users. Draftkings fantasy app allows the users to join the league and allows them to earn real cash prizes, bonus points, and rewards.

Draftkings is popular because of its trending features and the leagues that are operated in the app. Sports enthusiasts in the USA and Canada showing their interest in using DraftKings to get a better experience in sports betting. Thus, many users are participating in leagues/contests conducted by the Draftkings.

Currently, DraftKings has more than 10 million active users in all parts of the world. It is due to their loyalty, features, and the sports betting experience that they offer to their global users. This attracted many businesses and made them launch their own fantasy sports mobile app like DraftKings in the market.

What is Fanduel?

Fanduel is a fast-growing and well-known fantasy sports betting app which comes with advanced player modules. Fanduel was first launched in 2009 by flutter entertainment and the founders of this app are Tom Griffiths, Lesley Eccles, and Nigel Eccles. Since 2017, the CEO of the fanduel gaming app is Matthew w.king and this company is headquartered in new york. This daily fantasy sports app has a wide range of sports to play and has more leagues for global users.

Currently, the fanduel fantasy sports app has more than 6 million active users. Also, users can play more than 11 leagues/contests in a risk-free manner. Like other fantasy sports apps, it also helps users to make money and rewards by participating in the leagues. Just users need to draft a team of virtual players and need to play leagues by paying a certain amount of fee. Here also, users need to deposit some amount of money in their account. So they might get bonus points for playing the leagues and tournaments. 

As of now, only 43 states of people can play leagues in fanduel. But in the future, there is a chance for everyone across the globe. Thus, most startups and entrepreneurs are currently emerging to develop a daily fantasy sports mobile app like fanduel by connecting with the top-notch fantasy sports app development company.

Draftkings and Fanduel Supported States 

Here is the list of states that supports both the DraftKings and fanduel fantasy sports app in the USA.

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. California
  4. New york 
  5. Colorado
  6. Florida
  7. Georgia
  8. Delaware
  9. Mississippi
  10. Nebraska
  11. Texas and more

In these states of the USA, the prominence of the DraftKings and fanduel is probably high. So developing a fantasy sports app in these states will help you to grab more users for your app.

Sports and Leagues in Fanduel and Draftkings

In this current time, both the daily fantasy sports operators have all the major sports and leagues. Here is the list of sports and leagues available for the users in the fanduel and DraftKings.

  1. Football 
  2. Soccer
  3. Golf
  4. Tennis
  5. NFL
  6. NBA
  7. NCAAF
  8. NCAAB
  9. MLB
  10. NHL
  11. NASCAR
  12. Australian football league (available at Draftkings)
  13. Esports (Available at Draftkings)

These are the popular leagues and sports that are present in both DraftKings and fanduel.

Types of Games and Special Features in Draftkings & Fanduel

Generally, both the DFS operators DraftKings and FanDuel offer similar products. The concept is the same, users need to select their unique team with the desired sports players and compete against other users. When your team does a better performance in a real game, you can win more points. In both the DraftKings and fanduel, there are distinct ways to play contests and leagues. Both daily fantasy sports app provide the following contests

  1. Tournaments including guaranteed prize pools
  2. Head to heads
  3. 50/50’s
  4. Multipliers
  5. Satellites
  6. Private leagues

However, each fantasy sports app has its own unique leagues, games, and special features for its global users.

Now, let us see... 

Desirable Features of DraftKings and FanDuel

1. At DraftKings, users will receive a full point per reception. Whereas FanDuel only awards half a point for their NFL players and it is a significant difference between DraftKings and fanduel. DraftKings includes bonus points for users that achieve statistical milestones like a double-double in the NBA. There are other scoring differences between DraftKings and fanduel. But that acquires distinct tactical adjustments from users.

2. When it comes to NBA rosters, there are slight differences between these two apps. FanDuel has 9 spots on the roster, for rotating around the traditional positions. On the other hand, DraftKings has 8 roster sports including a utility player.

3. The salary cap for leagues is high in the fanduel. So users can assemble a high scoring team at FanDuel easily. Whereas in the DraftKings, users need to be careful while managing finances. In the DraftKings, the salary cap tends to vary depending on the leagues and tournaments.

4. Both the DraftKings and fanduel have satellites. But DraftKings focus more on offering the best experience to users with ladders into higher value tournaments.

5. FanDuel is more innovative when it comes to new types of games and experimenting with the format. For instance, FanDuel created a form of NFL fantasy that eliminated player positions and let them draft any number of sports players from the same position. Thus, many users prefer fanduel for playing contests

6. The prize pool on DraftKings is bigger than fanduel. Also, it currently has a larger user base when compared to fanduel.

Similarities and Differences Between Draftkings vs Fanduel

Both the fantasy sports platforms have some major differences and similarities. Here is the table that helps you to understand the significant difference between the draftkings and fanduel easily.





Listed on Nasdaq

Flutter entertainment






New York

Number of users

8+ million users

6+ million users

Number of leagues that users can play



Pro sponsorships 



Payment methods 

Paypal, visa, master card, Discover, and Amex

Paypal, visa, master card, Discover, and Amex

Credit card deposit



Credit card withdrawal



Bank transfer 



Loyalty program

Draftkings daily rewards

Fanduel players club

IOS & Android app



Tournaments, leagues, and contests



Line up creation tools

Standard and Multiple entries

Standard and multiple entries

Resources for players

Draftkings playbook

Fanduel insider

Acquisition (data platform)

SBTech (2019)

Number fire (2015)

Referral program



Affiliate program 




So, Which is Better: Fanduel or Draftkings?

It completely depends on your business requirements. DraftKings has a larger user base and ideal leagues and tournaments. FanDuel will reward their users only in addition to Draftkings. For people who are trying to invest in the long-term, then developing a fantasy sports app like fanduel or draftkings will be the best idea

You need to decide whether you are focusing on one sport or more than one sport. In this case, DraftKings provides more sports than FanDuel. Both the fantasy sports app mainly focuses on football and basketball leagues. Because these two sports have a huge fan base and many are joining this app every day. Both the app provides fun, and excitement to their global users. On the other side, they are providing advanced and unique features to the users without any issues or lag. This made them reach the highest peak in the fantasy sports industry. So both apps are better in their own way. My point is you need to choose the right fantasy sports platform by doing some market research and kick start your own fantasy sports app for your business.

Closing words

I hope now you have some ideas on Draftkings vs fanduel. Currently, developing a daily fantasy sports app like draftkings or fanduel is the best way to generate high revenue. Now, you might ask how to develop a fantasy sports app like draftkings or fanduel. You can develop these prominent fantasy sports apps from the trusted and professional fantasy sports app development company. Because they are potential enough to develop all the types of fantasy sports apps that are needed for generating a profitable income for startups and entrepreneurs.  A few methods that are used for creating a fantasy sports app or website. The possible approaches are:

  1. Developing a fantasy sports app from scratch. 
  2. Creating a fantasy sports app or website using the fantasy sports software 

If your requirement is developing a fantasy sports application like FanDuel and Draftkings. The choice is yours, you can either develop from scratch or you can use the premium fantasy sports app software. But the best and feasible option is you can develop with the help of a bug-free DraftKings clone script and FanDuel clone script. This will help you in developing the fantasy sports app or website instantly and the development cost will be affordable rather than developing an app from scratch


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