Earbuds vs Headphones? What you Need and Why?

The days are over when you have only in-ear headphones or over-ear headphones but now there are a lot of variation in just the simple tool to listen to your content. With the introduction of Earbuds by iPad in 2001 brings a lot of changes in the listening tool that can give different purpose to achieve.

Over the ear, in-ear, open cup-shaped cushion and closed cup shaped cushion are all over the market each serving the different quality of sound, bass and tone. But to give a detailed which one you should get then the you are going to considered a lot of things in just comparison between best Earbuds and quality headphones.

In this article almost all the kind of headphones and earbuds should be covered if it’s in-ear or on-ear to give an idea about their sound quality, performance and portability.


The first thing that people consider is how these tools can be carrying around and there is huge difference in portability of both sound tools.

Earbud have the small sound speakers and design that is easy to carry around and only fits in the ear Concha (the space outside of ear canal). Earbuds don’t cover your whole ear but it really fit in the ear canal based on different size. Such small size is easy to carry around and can really fit into your pocket. Both ear pieces are connected via wire and they are free for hanging.

Headphones both closed and open cup-shaped cushion have a big design with plastic arch support between both ear pieces. Both covered the whole ear and the large design is not easy to carry around unless you roll it over the neck. Hard for picking headphones on the trip and usually they require a safe place in the bag unless you don’t want to break them.

Noise Cancellation

Both Earbuds and Headphones have noise cancellation effect but they are varying based on the range. The good have the noise cancellation effect, the costly became the sound tool. The good noise cancellation system in earbuds or headphones enables you to enjoy every bit of sound while unaware of what’s happening around.

Earbuds have noise cancellation effect but it seems to be totally based on Silicon tip. If the earbuds have many layered silicon tips then they have good noise cancellation effect that can work good in noisy situation like on the road or market or heavy traffic jam.

Open cup-shaped headphones have no noise cancellation effect but those with closed cup-shaped cushion have noise cancellation system. Some headphones have a separate button to get rid of the external noise and while turned off you can hear what being said to you in lobby of market. On ear headphone have better tech then earbuds when it came to noise cancellation effect as there are a lot of speakers in the headphones that can also help to get rid of the noise and focusing on different sound effects.


Based on your usage each have different comfortability standards as some may comfortable in some situation while in other, they may be annoying. From jogging to use them while lying on the bed earbud and headphones have different comfortability issues.

Earbuds just fit the free space inside you ear so they may be comfortable because you don’t have to remove your earing or the plastic bar may not ruin your hair style. In ear headphones or earbuds are comfortable if the silicon tip is adjustable in your ear, pick the right size and enjoy the music even you are jogging or sleeping.

Over ear headphones are bit difficult to handle due to their size even they have the smooth and foamy cushion that earbuds don’t have. The only benefit that the over ear headphones can give is a less sore ear while that problem is often in earbuds and you get tired quickly. Using them while sitting and roaming in the house for better quality is not much comfortable as earbuds do because you feel a lot burden over your ear.


Everyone want a better pair of earphones for them themselves if it’s over ear or in ear and the performance of both depends upon what are the components in the device are? The better performance came with cost like Dr Dre have more than $500 worth of headphones which are kind of beast when it came to sound or performance.

Earbuds don’t give you exact base and sound that the sound clip have but they are good enough to get you along and give the feeling to actually listened the good content. With small drivers and tech-based earbud don’t actually straighten your hairs when listening to cool shit.

With huge sounds drivers and so much speaker for all kind of sound quality Over ear-headphones are the best when it came to performance based on sound and durability. You can actually hear every bit of sound with its own bass and treble and you actually get the feeling of being in a wonder land. Not every headphone has that quality but still the good over ear headphones have.