Engineering Degree

With 4 years of rigorous studies, finally you own an engineering degree. During this journey, chances are you have developed a good range of practical and technical skills highly valued in various sectors.  Engineering is a science based field which sharpens your logical thinking, numeracy and problem solving abilities.

Best Career options you can make with an Engineering Degree

Check out the various fields of engineering degree you can opt to make your career:

1. Civil Engineering Degree:

Civil engineering is one of the fields of engineering degrees that involves construction, design and management. The civil engineering career option often involves many aspects of design and architecture, allowing you to express your creative side and explore innovative new ideas, while also analyzing data and technology. All civil engineers must have proficient knowledge of design & various construction methods as well as of health and safety matters.

2. Mechanical engineering:

With mechanical engineering degree, you can be proved as a quality resource in production companies and steel plants as they help improve mechanical processes, products, and can work in innumerable sectors, including manufacturing and power. Candidates having mechanical engineering degree can become factory managers wherein they need to supervise the production of new materials. Moreover, if you’re technically minded, brilliant at Science and Mathematics, and possess good problem-solving, then this career path is best for you.

Its seems that Mechanical engineers are famous for their number crunching skills. So, their future endeavors are bright not only in engineering, but also in finance and management.

3. Chemical engineering:

The contribution of chemical engineers is inevitable, as they design the machinery and processing procedures to convert raw materials into everyday products. Their contribution is unlimited towards country’s growth. If you enjoy problem solving and good in Chemistry. Then chemical engineering career is most suitable. Modern chemical engineering is also concerned with useful new resources and techniques, such as nanotechnology.

4. Electrical engineering:

One of the other branches of engineering degree is an electrical engineering. This discipline of engineering degree develops and maintains electrical control systems and/or components through a mixture of technical knowledge and commercial awareness. Besides technical knowledge, electrical engineers must possess commercial awareness and be able to project, manage and multitask.

Your electrical engineering degree couples with leadership skills help develop your career into a supervisory or management role.

5. IT engineering:

In today’s fast paced world, when everything is run by technology, from house to banks to companies to public places, having an IT engineering degree is a great advantage. IT engineers are specialized in software development and computer hardware engineering. The former includes computer programming and smartphone apps, and the latter designing physical products.

IT engineers can definitely expect high salaries and good job prospects.  The world is demanding new technology to ease our lives more and more. It is expected that by 2022, there will be huge demand for IT engineers, especially for technologies like – 3D printing, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain etc.

Other engineering prospects:

Quality manager:

You have a great scope to work as a quality manager, you would solely be responsible for ensuring that your company’s products & services are of best quality and meet standards. You would be responsible to do quality assessment procedures in order to match the standards set for the particular product production.

Technical writer:

As digital marketing is on cloud 9 on these days, there is a huge demand of technical writers in various industries to write descriptions or instructions, so that layman people can understand how to use a product or service. The strong practical knowledge that you’ve gained during your engineering degree will really useful in this role.


If you are holding a mechanical engineering degree, then you must be having great knowledge of physical movement of materials i.e. the transfer of raw materials from one production palette to manufacturing facilities or the distribution of products to customers. As a logistician, you will apply logical-thinking and problem solving skills to situations. If you have good communication skills, that would be on added advantage for your profile.

Operations management

Engineering degree is a proof that you have gained good technical and scientific knowledge which would definitely help management having a crucial link between the different parts of the manufacturing process and the business side of a manufacturing organization. Their major responsibility is to assess & improve the day-to-day running of a manufacturing plant, by implementing systems that increase productivity and reduce costs. Being an operations manager, you are also required to plan ahead and put strategies in place for future development.

Patent law and intellectual property:

Patent attorneys may deal with patents, which are generally about protecting technological innovations, and with other types of IP such as registered and unregistered designs, which protect the shape and appearance of products. A patent attorney can work for a private firm or an organization’s in-house patent department.

You don’t need to get anxious with the fact that you are not holding a legal degree, so would you be eligible carrying up this job, yes! You are.  There is only technical expertise requirement. In addition to an engineering degree, excellent communication along with written skills takes your career to new heights.

So, you must feel lucky enough that you took a wise decision to study for engineering degree as it promises a great future ahead. With engineering degree, you have a lot of options to make career and infact, few alternate career choices as well.

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