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Everything to Know: Before You Go For Contact Lens Exam

Before taking any contact lens exam, having the proper knowledge is important or to search for a professional optometrist. There are many things to know about the contact lens exam from its starting procedure to its follow-up procedure. If you are going to take a contact lens exam in Bronx NY then do the research before approaching any optometrist.

What could bring greater convenience than getting perfect-sized contact lenses! When it comes to vision correction, it’s better to rely on an authentic service provider of contact lens exams in New York. This being the most important diagnosis involves patients trying various contact lenses again and again- till they get the perfect fit.

Importance of getting the contact lens exam in the Bronx

Before you get the recommended prescription for contact lenses in Bronx, NY, you are advised to undergo a complete contact lenses exam in the Bronx. This would be the time when your doctor can analyze the complete health of your eyes.

Diagnosis with complete contact lens exams in New York

Getting the right prescription of contact lenses in New York involves a complete analysis of your lifestyle. It also includes understanding your preferences regarding the selection of contact lenses.

For instance, if you are planning to get colored contact lenses, you can go for tinted shades. The other options available are overnight wear or daily disposables, which are suggested at your convenience. You can also select to have soft contact lenses, over rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

The age of 40 would require you to have bifocal contact lenses or even multifocal contact lenses.

The one aspect to know here is that the way one shoe size cannot fit at all, similarly the curvature contact lenses may fail to fit all sizes of corneas. The contact lens curvature may seem too steep or even too flattened for the shape of your cornea. It may cause severe damages or even some discomfort level to your eyes.

That is why, the importance of taking measurements cannot be skipped, as it helps to determine the best possible design, size, and curvature for your contact lens.

Contact lenses examinations: Step-by-step procedure

When it comes to determining the right prescription, the treating doctor would place all the possible sized lenses on your eye. Then with the use of a biomicroscope, he can evaluate the right position along with the lens movements, especially when you blink and move your eyes in all directions. Once you feel comfortable at one certain point, which is usually in 15 minutes, you can expect a clear vision and good comfort goals. The next step is to learn how to take care of your lenses. Another aspect to know is how long to wear them. This is where experts at Change iWear can help you in training the right way on how to handle, wear, and also remove contact lenses.

Timely Follow-up procedures to ensure good eye health

The entire treatment involves medical follow-up examinations that confirm if the lens quality is good enough to maintain eye health. Visit us to get the best contact lens exams in New York

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