Ghost immobilizer

Everything you need to know about auto watch Ghost immobiliser

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Ghost immobiliser is a new thing in the market, revolutionary, high tech and with so many other benefits. Ultimately providing your vehicles supreme security. Providing your vehicle from hacking and cloning of the key. The only would these criminal-minded would be able to steal your car would be to drag it somewhere. As they won’t be able to start the engine anyway.

How Ghost immobiliser works?

Basically, ghost immobilizer has no key-fobs. It doesn’t indicate through the LED, to share the location. This technology basically uses different components of your vehicle to create a secret code. Which is used as an indication to proceed?

We know this sounds like neuron psychology, but this is how it is. As this works so well. Everyone wants to have this installed in their vehicles.

Ghost immobilizer auto watch important features explained

Here are some of the key features which stand out, briefly explained below.

  • It used from 4 digits code or even up to 21 digits control.
  • Ultimate protection from key cloning.
  • The engine won’t start unless the secret code is entered.
  • No Radio Frequency Signals
  • Vehicle’s components & buttons are used to enter code
  • You can put your vehicle in service or Valet mode when leaving somewhere for work or even parking in the hands of others.

Cost & Pricing

Now that’s the main part where everybody puts the most attention when weighing their alternative options. As we all know that ghost immobilizer by the auto watch is a breakthrough technology which is something we will love it once we experience it. So it comes with a hefty cost. Which is will £399 for any make and model.

And these £399 are going to bring you a money-back guarantee if your vehicle gets stolen after the installation. Engine blocking, silent operation, Prevention from key cloning, it's weatherproof. This thing also includes a valet and service mode. You will only need your vehicle’s buttons to get it started.

So we believe it is worth the price tag that big and surely you will get a good value for your money.

Types of controls in ghost immobiliser auto watch

All of the control options vary from different make and models. Plus the specifications of your vehicle. Which are briefly explained below;

Steering wall controls

Meaning that the buttons we have on our steering wheel would be used to indicate technology that we need to start this car. This is how it takes the signals. Once we press the buttons in a pre-defined or preset sequence.

Electric mirror controls

Yes, those electric mirrors are used to indicate signals for auto watch ghost immobilizer. It works like if you move or somehow impact your electric mirrors, it would generate a secret signal to the ghost immobilizer system. Which then helps you lock or unlock the car. So yes it’s something out of the box but it really works big time.

Door card controls

Same as we have discussed for the steering wall controls and electric mirror controls. These door cards also work as a component of communication for the ghost immobilizer. Which then later helps the system identify a signal to unlock the vehicle.

Things you might need to watch out for

As we all know that everything has its downsides along with the good ones. So does this Ghost immobiliser. Here are a few problems you might experience, which are listed below;

  1. Lock or Unlock difficulties
  2. Unable to start your engine
  3. Key ignition isn’t showing up
  4. Experiencing problems with your vehicle’s alarm.

You just don’t need to worry about anything in these above-mentioned scenarios. We have developed a smart guide for the instances where you see such difficulties. Just go read that blog post on the suggestions or home page.


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