Sewer Line Repairs

Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Line Repairs

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Issues with drains in the house or sudden stains appearing on and around the foundation can all be indications of possible sewer line repairs in the offing. 

These can quickly turn into an expensive endeavor and unless something is done as soon as you can, it's the possibility of seriously undermining the ability of the home to function. 

Whether there's a present septic system or whether the home is hooked up to the municipal sewer system, reporting indicators of trouble to specialist plumbers can avert a major home repair catastrophe in the future.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage? 

Most sewer line repair will have their root cause of blockage of the lines themselves.  The first urge of homeowners if they come across a slow-moving drain is to pour a good deal of harsh chemicals into the lines to open up or remove the clog. 

While that may be a temporary fix, at precisely the same time they could be causing more damage to the compounds themselves.  In older houses especially, old pipes made from clay or porous materials could be eaten away by the chemicals within drain cleaners and cause the pipes to the crackdown.

Tree roots are drawn to sources of water and if trees have been planted too close to a home's foundation, they could find their way into the sewer pipes.  The roots develop into the ball and pipes up, completely blocking the pipe. 

In these scenarios, the plumbing will have to be removed and replaced.  At other times, the cause of sewer line issues might be that the ground itself has shifted round the pipes and have bent them at an angle that doesn't promote drainage, as well as the water, begins to collect inside the pipes and possibly leak out into the base.

What To Do After You Notice Signs of Problems

The first thing any homeowner must do when problems with drains or seepage happen is to not run immediately to your drain cleaner but instead call the professionals to come out and inspect the pipes for repair and cleaning.  A plumber may quickly determine where the problem is and require steps to get it mended, usually on precisely the exact same day. 

When they are installed in a house, sewer pipes usually have clean-out plugs which may be immediately assessed for clogs, without having to dig up the ground around a house.

Alternately, if it is determined that plumbing will need to be replaced due to a faulty septic system, it may demand more digging and reconstruction that could have been averted if it had been better maintained previously.

Types of Repairs

For minor repairs to plumbing, as is the case for a pipe that has cracked due to changing or pressure, a plumber can make the fix quickly simply by recoating the interior of the pipe using epoxy, as long as the crack is not beyond repair. 

Replacement of brief lengths of pipes may be carried out efficiently by specialist pipes and should not take more than a day to finish.  When it comes to sewer line repairs involving septic tanks, it could possibly be a more intensive repair situation than usual. 

On the brighter side, having it all in one area will make it simpler to perform the repairs, regardless of all of the mess produced by the digging.  This may require a few days but it'll be well worth it in the long run, particularly in the event that you arrange to have routine maintenance done on it in the long run, on a regular basis to prevent more problems.

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