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applications of machine learning

There are various applications of machine learning these days also there are various future trends of machine learning at Exploring Bits. We share few examples of machine  learning that we use everyday and have no idea that they are driven by machine learning such as-


4.1.Virtual Personal Assistants

There are various virtual assistance that we are using these days some of them are Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana etc. their jobs are to assist the user and help the user in finding various information, whenever asked.

Machine learning is an important part of these virtual assistants as they collect and polished the information on the basis of previous experience.

Later, this set of data is used to generate results that are modify according to our preference.

4.2.Video surveillance

The video surveillance these days are running with the concept of AI

that makes it possible to detect crime before they happen. They just track or keep their eye on unusual behaviour of people like standing motionless for very long time, stumbling etc. The system can give alert to attendants, which can help to avoid any kind of mishaps. And when such activities are reported and considered as true, they help to improve the video surveillance services.


4.3.Social Media Services

Social media are frequently using machine learning for their own and user benefit. There are many features that we are using on our social media accounts, without knowing that these features are just applications of machine learning.

For examples numerous people are using Facebook, number of features

aretheir in Facebook such as-


·People You May Know:

Machine learning works on concept that is learning with experience.

Facebook observes the friend that we are connected with, the profiles of users we visit very often, group that we share with others users etc. on the basis of continuous observation, a list of Facebook users are suggested that we can become friend with.


·Face Recognition:

Whenever we upload our picture with a friend, Facebook instantly recognise our friend. Facebook observes the unique features, and then match them with the people in our friend list.

Another application of machine learning are -


These bots tend to extract information from the website and present it to the customers. The chatbots advances with time they understand the user queries better and serve them with better answers this is possible due to its machine learning algorithms.

4.5.Search engines result:

There are various search engines nowadays such as google, yahoo etc. that improves the search result for us. Suppose we open the top results and stay on the web page for long time, the search engines conclude that the result it displayed satisfies the user. Likewise, if we reach the second or third page of search result but do not open any of the result, the search engine assume that the results displayed did not match the required result, user was expecting.

4.6.Online fraud detection:

 Machine learning taking various steps to avoid online frauds. For example -Paypal is using ML for protection against money laundering. The company uses software that help them to contrast millions of transactions taking place and differentiate between legal and illegal transactions taking place.