Eye Lift Surgery; What need to know?

Eye Lift Surgery; What need to know?

Eye Lift Surgery; What need to know?

What is lower eyelid surgery?


Eye bag or eyelift surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps eliminate excess fat and wrinkles in the lower eye area. It also tightens the loose skin around the lower eye.  The surgery not only makes the under-eye skin smoother but provides you a younger look. You can contact a Cosmetic Surgery Center to know detailed information about the surgery.

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Around the under eye, there are delicate structures that include eye muscles and the eyeball itself. The surgery needs a sensitive and accurate approach to soften the undereye area and make its appearance less puffy.


The procedure of eyelift surgery:


The eyelift surgery aims to remove the excess skin and fat and stitch the skin below the eye together to provide the treated area a tighter look.


There are multiple ways available for lower eyelid surgery. The type of procedure depends on what you wish to achieve and the anatomy of your eye.


First of all, a surgeon will mark your eyelids before the progression of the surgery. This will help the surgeon to determine where he/she has to make incisions.


The procedure may be completed using general or local anesthesia. Doctors use general anesthesia to make a patient completely asleep so that he/she can’t be aware of the procedure. Whereas,  local anesthesia numbs only the eye area where the surgeon is about to perform the surgery so that the patient does not feel any pain during the process.

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If you have to go through multiple procedures, doctors will recommend general anesthesia. If the procedure is single like just lower eyelid surgery, they will inject you with local anesthesia. One of the benefits of injecting local anesthesia is that they can test eye muscle movements in between the procedure to prevent the risks of any side effects of it.    


Doctors will make incisions into the lower eyelid. Then, they eliminate excess skin, fat, and suture and seal the back with stitches resulting in a smoother and lifted appearance.   


Doctors may also recommend fat grafting or delivering fat through injections to the deep areas below the eyes to enhance the appearance.


How much does eye lift surgery cost?


The eyelift cost maybe $3,026. The cost of the procedure may depend on the patient’s geographic location, fees of the surgeon and his/her staff, and the cost of anesthesia.


Because the procedure is optional, it may be possible that your health insurance policy won’t cover the cost of surgery. If the surgery is performed on both areas of the eyes that means upper and lower areas of the eyes, the cost of the surgery may increase. You can ask your doctors about the estimation of the costs of the surgery.  It will be great to inquire about the cost of the eyelift cosmetic surgery so that you can be ready with the price of the surgery.


 So, if you are wishing to look younger, may visit a cosmetic surgeon to know your options.


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