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First date, how do girls behave properly on it?

All the girls and boys are terribly worried before the first meeting. We could not ignore such a vibrant topic and decided to give you advice on how to behave on a first date.

It depends on the first date whether the relationship will be long-lasting or will remain just an episode in memory. It is impossible to make the first impression a second time. But little female tricks, passed down from generation to generation, will help to interest the guy. In this article, we will figure out in detail what you need to do on the first date in order to please the companion.

How should you look?

Appearance plays an important role. Clothing should be moderately open. It is better to choose a romantic outfit that outlines the figure. You can wear a skirt and a sweater with a neckline or a dress. You should not try too hard: this will show unnecessary interest.

Makeup should not be too vulgar. The bold smokey is best reserved for the club. The best option is to easily accentuate the eyes. The guy who invited the girl on a date already likes her, so you just need to make the image brighter and more intriguing.

If this is a blind date and the girl doesn't know how tall the guy is, don't wear high heels. This can cause mutual embarrassment.

You need to choose comfortable clothes. It is not necessary to wear new things, it is better to prefer the proven ones, in which you feel confident and beautiful.

The outfit should match the place where the date will take place. If it's just a walk, you can wear comfortable jeans, and a dress with heels in a restaurant.

You need to try to highlight your strengths. Don't hide beautiful legs, shoulders, or arms. As for the hairstyle, any styling is suitable, the main thing is that the hair is clean and well-groomed.

You can read more about the outfits in my article on how to dress for a first date.

What to talk about on a date?

The guy should take the initiative in the conversation. If he is not too shy, he will be able to direct the conversation himself. All guys love to talk about their work. You can ask him who he dreamed of becoming in childhood, what qualities he values ​​in the opposite field, what he likes from literature, music and cinema. If the interlocutor has an interesting hobby, the girl can ask what exactly attracts him to him, how long he has been doing it.

The girl must show that she can keep up a conversation on any topic. To do this, before a date, it is appropriate to get acquainted with the latest news in sports, politics and science. However, there is no need to gush out knowledge either, since no one likes know-it-alls.

The furnishings will tell you what to ask about. Is it raining outside the window? You can ask what kind of weather or time of year the guy likes. Did you see the sign of the travel agency? You can ask how much he travels.

There are rules that can help you increase the likelihood of a second date:

  • Answering the guy's questions in monosyllables is not only undesirable, but also rude. It is worth redirecting his question to him.
  • It's better not to talk about past relationships. At the first meeting, you do not need to devote a new boyfriend to the nuances of a difficult breakup, to say how bad the ex was. The reason for the separation must be called different views on life.
  • It is indecent to ask about the place of work and earnings. Even old acquaintances rarely know such things. You can ask if the guy has a big family and how many friends he has.
  • Talking about your problems and illnesses is not a good idea. If rapprochement occurs, the partner will already know about it. The purpose of the first meeting is to interest, not scare away.

Most men are proud of their position in society, hobbies, achievements. A woman should be noted in a conversation that she appreciated it. A small compliment will not harm, but, on the contrary, will delight the companion, showing that the girl knows how to admire her man.

You do not need to build yourself up as an independent and strong woman who does not need care. It is necessary to show gentleness, patience and wisdom.

The girl can use non-verbal techniques of expressing interest: nodding, smiling, asking about something or asking a leading question. But you can't seem too keen on a man. Copying gestures is a well-known technique from NLP that will attract a person at the subconscious level.

During a conversation, you need to smile more often. This will relax the guy by setting him up for easy communication. You shouldn't dwell on your shortcomings either. It is necessary to remain mysterious in his memory. But even embellishing reality is dangerous. Once a relationship is established, it will be difficult to explain the lie.

If a man is interested in information that a girl would prefer to hide, she should openly say: "I'm not ready to discuss this yet." Every guy wants to know what secrets his potential girlfriend has, but this is not a reason to satisfy curiosity.

The girl should behave as naturally as possible, not pretend to be the Snow Queen, if in fact she is a laughter. There is nothing more repulsive than insincerity.

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