Five top differences between DLI.Ed and B.Ed Programmes

Five top differences between DLI.Ed and B.Ed Programmes

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How to make a career in teaching?


One of the most respected jobs in our community is the job of a teacher. Most kids when in school when asked what they want to be when they grow up, the obvious answer is  “teacher”. Teachers are the foundation of a stable and functioning society. However, their job isn’t just to teach. Their job is to acquire the proper qualifications that are needed to mentally, emotionally and academically support the  growing mind of a child. Therefore, students must have a qualification in education that specifically trains them to be good teachers. Kingston Teacher’s Training College is one of the best Private B-ED Colleges in Kolkata and B-ED College in Madhyamgram as well.


Here students can apply for their bachelor’s in education upon acquiring which they can go about teaching children in school. B.Ed. or D.EL.Ed. Both are qualifications required for teaching in a school. However, there are some inherent differences between them. Some of these differences are to do with eligibility, duration, prospect, etc. A diploma in education shall be of shorter duration and is eligible for anyone with a 10+2 standard qualification. Its shorter length of duration is convenient and is less of a commitment, which is not the case in B.Ed.


Private B-ED College in Kolkata

A bachelor’s degree in education is a long term commitment and people who have graduated from college in any discipline are eligible for it. Students can opt for studying for this degree either in government or Private B-ED College in Kolkata. Kingston Teacher’s Training College is a dedicated B-ED College in Madhyamgram, where a plethora of students studies to get their teaching degree. A bachelor’s degree has a slightly better career prospect, for it allows people to apply for high school teaching jobs, which pay higher than primary school. With a diploma, one can only teach in primary school. However, the pay varies from institutions to institutions.


A diploma is a shorter commitment and a lesser financial burden than a degree though. Therefore, often people with social obligations and financial troubles opt for a diploma. This allows them to make a career in teaching with the bare minimum. However, one can always upgrade their qualifications after they have become financially stable. Many Private B-ED Colleges in Kolkata and B-ED Colleges in Madhyamgram, however, provide affordable degree courses, that help people with financial obligations. However, a degree still requires a longer time to complete, which many cannot afford.


Teaching as a career


To make a career in teaching it is essential to have a degree in education. However, whether one should take a diploma or a bachelors degree is completely dependent on their priorities and situations in life. Bachelors shall provide better career prospects but often is a time-consuming process. A diploma on the other hand could be completed on an expedited time frame, but won’t be able to provide the same career prospects. Students can look for a Private B-ED College in Kolkata or B-ED College in Madhyamgram to obtain such a degree in teaching and education.


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