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Flaunt the unique side of your product with product image retouching.

In this article, know to Flaunt the unique side of your product with product image retouching.

Product image retouching is a step where alterations are made to increase the importance of the product image and enhances beauty. There is no perfect image that does not need any correction or retouching. It is a single term but there are multiple techniques associated with it.

Product image editing can be done with the help of software, which requires knowledge and expertise, else the results won’t help you for better. The other way to get product images retouched is to hire a team of designers to do the work for you. But the best way to achieve desired results is to get it done by post-production agencies that are both effective and efficient.

There are some common problems that arise during product photography and such problems can be corrected with the help of product image editing.

Here are some of the most common mistakes which can be corrected with the help of product image retouching with no wastage of time.


Flash is a part of photography that helps in clicking better images. But most of the time, while clicking the images, flash leaves a reflection on the product surface which leaves a bad impression.

A flash can completely damage the image. This happens mostly when the product is shiny or has a reflective surface. To stop the flash from distorting a well-shot product image, product image editing for eCommerce should be used properly. The technique helps in the removal of flash from the product and making the image neat and well clicked. A clean image is the main source for attracting customers.


Creases, Wrinkles, and scratches

The products can get creases, and scratches while taking pictures. Creases are generally caused while handling clothing and similar products, whereas other types of products can get scratches due to mishandling and negligence at the time of product photoshoot. Creases and scratches make the product unpleasant and they are not accepted by potential buyers. In order to remove those creases and scratches from the product, the image is retouched with high-end quality. Product image Retouching for eCommerce is very important to make the product look good to customers.


Defects and Errors

While clicking images, it is possible that the finished product is not available for a photo shoot and you have to click images with the defective product or you may discover the defect present in the product at the time of taking pictures but want to hide it from the eyes of customers, so in that case, product image retouching is done. With retouching, you can remove the defects from the product and make it look completely finished. Minor and major defects can be corrected by-product image editing. This is done not to mislead the customers but to eliminate the problem of clicking the images all over again.

Minor blemishes

In online selling, each tiny error of the product matters a lot. And even the slightest mark or spot can create a negative impact on the mind of customers. All the minor blemishes, marks, and spots which are on the product during the photoshoot or otherwise can be fixed with product image retouching. You can’t let a small spot mess with the complete image and thus the retouching becomes necessary.

Shadow adding and shadow removal

Shadows play a very important role in any product image. In certain cases, there is no shadow formation near the product. And this makes the product look unrealistic and this is why an artificial shadow is added with the help of product photo retouching. Similarly, in other cases. With the help of product image editing for eCommerce, unwanted shadows can be removed.

Shape and Size

Product Image Retouching can be used to adjust the shape and size of a product. The shape of the product may sometimes appear improper which does not look symmetrical with that of the original product. To make the product image reflect its actual dimensions, reshaping and resizing is done with the help of product image editing.


A blurry image is of no use. Thus with the product image retouching, a blurry image can be cleared and the visibility of the product can be increased.

Product image editing helps in correcting the imperfections from the product and you can flaunt the unique side of your product.

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