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Forex Trading Merchant Account, An Innovative Solution For Forex Trader by ePay Global

ePay Global is beneficial for Forex trading broker in so many aspects. They get the opportunity to make their business more effective and attractive. It becomes relatively easy for them to show their presence with ePay Global Forex Trading Merchant Account.

The Forex industry is amongst the most active markets in the world.

As per a report shared by Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and OTC derivatives market, the daily transaction volume of the Forex industry is $ 6.6 trillion.

The Forex trading industry presents an excellent opportunity for both individual and institutional traders to profit on currency trades.

But to perform this, Forex traders need a payment gateway solution with a hassle-free experience and less transaction fee.

Forex Payment Gateway works as a bridge between the currency trading platform and its users. Forex trading merchant integrated the payment gateway with the website, allowing accepting payment from their clients.

Unlike the Forex trading payment system, the agent doesn’t need to fund or withdraw the money. Payment gateway transfers the sum collected from the users to the broker merchant account.

Why is it challenging to find a merchant account service provider for a Forex merchant?

When a Forex trading merchant tries to get services through tradition banks, they find their application rejected.

But what is the reason behind this occurrence?

Forex trading broker experiences heavy trading activity on their platforms. They process a large volume of transactions every day, which leads to a rise in the chargeback ratio.

So, as a result, banks have categorized the Forex trading industry as a high-risk industry. Which means Forex brokers will face their application rejected by traditional gateway solution.

In the end, Forex brokers need a high-risk payment gateway to process their financial transactions. But, it is not that simple to get a service provider suitable for your business.

Luckily, ePay Global is here with its feature-rich high-risk payment processor. We offer Forex Trading Merchant Account to the merchants along with a high-risk payment processor.

ePay Global is a well-known payment processing service provider in the market. It facilitates merchants with its merchant account service. Forex trader merchants can quickly get Forex Trading Merchant Account to process their transactions hassle-free. A 24*7 available customer service for your business is always ready to help you in case of any error.

With Forex Trading Merchant Account, merchants get the ability to process their payment in diverse currencies. They can offer to their customer to make payment in their desired cash or local currency.

Benefits with ePay Global merchant account for the Forex trading brokers

Fastest payment processing – Forex market work within seconds and payments need to make within a swish of a blink. ePay Global offers you a high-risk payment gateway to process your payment. It helps Forex merchants in fast payment processing without any fail. Transactions are made in the neon speed with the help of our payment gateway. It doesn’t let you lose even a single trade due to late payment processing and bring you profit.

A never compromised security – Data security is the primary concern for Forex traders. Not having adequate security tools may cause the loss of your data and money. Many attackers are ready to steal your data and corrupt your system. To protect from such threats, ePay offers multiple security tools integration along with its payment gateway. Merchants get PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance along with SSL encryption and API integration to secure their server. They can provide a safe and straightforward payment experience to their customers with these security features.

Effective chargeback management with fraud protection tools – The Forex industry has a large transaction rate daily. It becomes the reason of high chargeback ration for the industry. Besides, many frauds are available in the market, affecting the Forex industry badly, such as fraudulent transactions, robot scams, and others.

ePay Global helps merchants in securing their business from chargeback and fraud. It offers a chargeback management system and fraud protection tools with its payment gateway. Which verifies each transactions detail before processing payment to secure your business from fraudulent transactions? In order to tackle with a chargeback, our tool supports you in every possible way.

Multi-channel processing – Make your payment page more accessible. ePay Global offers you virtual terminals to accept MOTO payments. Merchant gets the ability to accept mobile payment and upload bulk processing files for rapid processing.

Various payment methods – Give a perfect payment solution to your clients with ePay Global. We offer you multiple payment modes to accept your payouts. Merchants can accept payment via credit card, debit card, mobile payment, eCheck, ACH, and others with our payment gateway. It improves the transaction rate and increases the profitability of your business.

ePay Global plays a vital role in running your business more conveniently with its services. It helps Forex merchants in gaining maximum profit with its utmost efforts.


ePay Global is beneficial for Forex trading broker in so many aspects. They get the opportunity to make their business more effective and attractive. It becomes relatively easy for them to show their presence with ePay Global Forex Trading Merchant Account. A merchant account makes them eligible to accept card payment and manage their all financial transactions. Forex Payment Gateway integration with their website along with merchant account makes their payment processing more convenient. Our feature-rich payment gateway supports merchant in various ways like data security, multi-channel processing, chargeback management, fraud protection tools, and more.

If you plan to opt for or want to know more about our services, contact us right away.

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