Fortnite Cobweb Locations for Season 4

Fortnite: Cobweb Locations for Season 4 Week 7 Challenges

At the beginning of Season 4, Fortnite revealed some unique skins of Marvel heroes.

At the beginning of Season 4, Fortnite revealed some unique skins of Marvel heroes. To unlock those skins, players have to progress the Seasonal Battle Pass level. Fortnite launches new challenges every week to grind XP, and now they have offered an additional opportunity to earn extra XP for Battle Pass. In Season 4, Week 7, plenty of challenges are available. Some of the challenges are straightforward, while some are slightly tricky. Challenges where players have to do eliminations and find the chests are completely easy, and players can quickly obtain XP by completing these challenges.

Among several challenges, a challenge where players have to destroy Cobwebs at The Authority is not like other challenges. To complete this challenge, you haveto reach The Authority first. This location is easily spottable on Fortnite’s map. Players are preparing for this challenge, they should simply land on this location using their parachute. To destroy Cobwebs at The Authority, you have to reach there as fast as possible and destroy it before anyone does. It can be destroyed just once in a match, so while playing this mission, you have to perform some quick activities.

Once you arrive at The Authority, you’ll find a door on your east side. Enter that door of the building and move down through stairs in the direction of the vault. You’ll find two Cobwebs on that site. The first one on the red window frame close to the vault and another one is inside it. Once you have the exact location of both Cobwebs, you have to use your harvesting tools, to destroy them. Once you destroy the first two Cobwebs, then you have to move back to the stairs and move to the west side to locate 2 more Cobwebs. The third one is in a tiny room along with a vent and the fourth once is close to the three holding cells.

After successfully destroying all the Cobwebs, you’re free to move anywhere on the map. You can also play other Week 7 missions if you have their exact locations. You’ll find a few more missions near The Authority. Specifically, the Sweaty Sands is not too far from The Authority, and you’ll find some exciting missions there. In Sweaty Sands, you’ll be required to drive a car from the Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows in 4 minutes. In the previous weeks, Fortnite released a similar challenge, but the starting point and destination is different. By completing this mission, players can earn 25,000 XP. 

Furthermore, players can also visit Stark Industries to locate Tony Stark’s hidden Lake House laboratory. To reach the hidden Lake House laboratory, you have to find bushes, and they will directly send you to the south side of the house, which is close to the Lake House. The only thing that will trick you in this mission is bushes. You have to find the right group of bushes to enter, and your missions will be almost complete. All the Week 7 challenges are live on Fortnite, and you can complete multiple missions in a single match.


Epic Games always keep some new and interesting challenges hidden up in their sleeves to surprise their fans. Fortnite challenges, rewards, events, and locations on the map are always unique, and that’s what players love the most about this Battle Royale game. Fans are doing their best to grind as much XP as possible, but by offering some bonus challenges, Fortnite also helps the players to grind extra XP for Battle Pass level.

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