Free instant future prediction: A quick analysis of life

Knowing the detailed things what going to happen at a certain period of time is called life prediction. It helps us to enhance the future.

Life is very precious thing gifted by God which we have to decorate as per own dreams. But some times dreams come true and sometime dreams are broken due some silly reasons which break the will power and make your life quite hectic. To prevent these hectic things, we always want to know the further step is suitable por not, if suitable then what are the outcomes and the disadvantages also. That time the term accurate astrology prediction free come to our mind.

Free accurate future prediction by date of birth and time

According to an astrologer’s Indian astrology by date of birth says it is the process to worshipping and getting favour over nakshatra to give power to remedy all other nakshatra, to keep human and their life healthy and simple.

Now a day’s people like to consult astrologer to predict their such things like

  • Nakshatra
  • First letter of name
  • Zodiac signs
  • Age to start the study
  • Age to get marry
  • Right time to form a baby
  • Right career
  • Suitable business
  • Love problems and their solutions
  • Ghata chakra
  • Right time to do home
  • Vaastu sastra
  • Right place to build your house etc,

Above all things can predict by analysing most accurate horoscope prediction free. Astrology plays a vital role in out life to sole the problems of our life. Those problems can be solved by taking the effective predictions predicted by astrology prediction.

Short out your love life problems by free life prediction

In this modern era most of the people have their own love life which is quite normal. Almost of the couple face love problem in their relationship. To solve their problems and live a smooth and healthy life, they are seek of permanent solution for their problems. So, they consult astrologer through free life prediction.

According to free vedic astrology predictions life basically the love, marriage and romance are controlled by planet VENUS. This planets positions in your horoscope responsible for success and failure of your love life. Venus is the martial prospect of Males and Jupiter & Mars control the women’s prospectus.

How astrology prediction helps in marriage and pregnancy

Children are the tremendous gifts of God to the couples. Now a days most of the diseases in our society which is kind of fatal to anyone if affected by this. So new married couple consult the astrologer to find the successful Mahurat, after baby birth they predict the daan mahurat as per free life prediction by date of birth. Apart from that the astrology prediction can also predict the birth lagna, the 8months of sensitivity duration, first letter of the child, nakshatra, Janam kundali, zodiac signs etc.

Some astrological assumption like:

  • 2nd ,5th and 10th house are for- male child
  • Sun and Jupiter are for – female child
  • The person who has 1 &3 birth date- blessings of male child
  • Similarly, if the birth date is 2, 5 & 7 – blessings to get female child
  • The number 8 presence represents - the delay
  • The presence of 7 & 9 is- Miscarriage

During Marriage astrology prediction depends upon the Venus planets. We can also predict the time of marriage, date of marriage, place of marriage, distance of the partners house from your location. The above all things can be predicted by analyzing the kundali of both sides, the position of the planet make them a perfect pair by exact Future prediction free.  

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