freetress equal tammi wig

This is an incredible hairpiece! The large head amicable, and the OP27 tone is stunning! The twists are lovely

 This is an incredible hairpiece! The large head amicable, and the OP27 tone is stunning! The twists are lovely, and I can't accept how long the hair on this hairpiece has endured without getting bunched up! Several disadvantages: The roots on the OP27 seem to be dark. However, the shading progress to the lighter shade is smooth enough to pull it off, even on the off chance that you usually exhibit brunette roots. Nobody will take note. Likewise, the hairline is very moon molded. However, a couple of all-around set-free strands can help shroud that. Generally, it's' simply a fabulous, durable, flexible hairpiece with an incredible, reasonable part (in the wake of culling), and I am getting another! Certainly going into my hairpiece rotation! I have needed Freetress''  freetress equal Tammi wig Tammi for quite a while, so I chose to get her for my Birthday!! WOW, Why did I stand by sooo long??? She is exquisite!!! I got Sammi as well; she's a lot more limited, yet when I put on Tammi, I couldn't envision, in any event, wearing another hairpiece for now!! Perfect wig for mid-year and ideal for all ages. It can be worn perky or dress up to be more modern. The rug was somewhat sparkly and shed a bit. Yet, the twists are gorgFreeTress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig Lace Deep Invisible L Part Tammi. 



Hand-Tied Lace Deep Invisible L Part 

Hair curling accessory Safe Upto 400'F 

Length: 13" 

Imperceptible Part is intended to furnish you with your OWN "characteristic look" style. 

Caring Instructions 


Engineered hairpieces ought to be washed in cool water with a gentle cleanser and conditioner. 

Try not to scour the hairpiece; simply lower in clean water. At that point, wash it from one side to another and all over. 

Wipe off with a spotless towel; at that point, place the hairpiece on a hairpiece stand or styrofoam head to dry while keeping up unique styles. 

Ultimately, splash sheen or hairpiece conditioner onto the wig and brush tenderly. 


Ever since she was thrust into the public eye — albeit rather unwillingly — as the other half of Mandopop king Jay Chou, people have always thought of Taiwanese-Australian actress Hannah Quinlinvan as being sweet and demure, no thanks to her large, doe eyes and long hair.

Well, it appears her latest photo shoot and interview aim to challenge that impression. The 27-year-old was recently featured in the August issue of a Taiwanese magazine looking a lot different from her usual self. Gone are the cute dresses and chest-length locks, with an androgynous wardrobe and edgy pixie cut in their place. And yes, her ‘do is even shorter than the one she sported in her Hollywood debut Skyscraper.

1 of 7Here’s the Hannah Quinlivan we’re more used to seeing…

2 of 7… and the Hannah Quinlivan we almost didn’t recognise
According to the magazine, the theme of the shoot was ‘Boy’ and the objective was to break down stereotypical expectations of how men and women should look and behave, which explains Hannah’s styling. The mother-of-two also shared her thoughts on the matter, which led her to reveal how her five-year-old daughter Hathaway had reacted to her drastically cropped mane.

She said: “Boys are often associated with mischief, humour, and bravery, but these are traits that girls are capable of having as well. Most of us have been conditioned from young, whether by family or society, to think that boys are more suited for this or girls are more suited for that, and soon it forms this unwritten mindset.”

For instance, Hannah recalled the FaceTime conversation she just had with Hathaway not long before the interview, during which the little girl got a glimpse of her mum’s new hairstyle. “She was shocked and exclaimed, ‘I don’t want two dads!’ (Laughs) That’s the mindset I’m talking about, but I believe there’s a charm to possessing traits that supposedly belong to a different gender.”