Fun Things to Do in Arizona This Weekend

Looking for something to do in Arizona?

Fun Things to Do in Arizona This Weekend

Arizona offers visitors a wide range of fun things to do all year round, whether it's rafting on the Colorado River or watching the sun set over Glen Canyon. Here are our picks for the best weekend activities in Phoenix and Tucson.

1. Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Arizona is known for its huge red rocks, but Canyon de Chelly National Monument boasts the second-largest canyon in the U.S. at 1,600 feet deep and more than 1 mile wide. The canyon was formed by the Rio Grande over 20 million years ago. While hiking around the canyon rim you can see many outliers of petrified wood fossils embedded in rock. There are also three very nice viewpoints offering great views of the surrounding area--none more so than Hidatsa Point, which reaches nearly 2,000 feet above sea level.

2. Walnut Canyon

Walnut Canyon National Monument is located in Phoenix. With its red sandstone cliffs, this park offers great views of the Valley of the Sun. The canyon is named after a tree that once grew here. In addition to being a nice hiking destination, the canyon offers various types of wildlife including deer, coyotes, mountain lions and birds. You can also enjoy a picnic or just listen to beautiful blue spruce trees rustle in the breeze.

3. Grand Canyon

This is the most visited national park in America. It's located about four hours from Tucson and five hours from Phoenix. If you decide to visit the Grand Canyon, be sure to check out the Skywalk, and a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge. Skywalk visitors aren't allowed to bring food with them--and if you're thinking of tossing a few M&Ms over the side before your visit, think again: it's a federal offense!

4. Antelope Canyon

Things to do in Arizona this weekend include a visit to Antelope Canyon, an impressive slot canyon on the Colorado River, about one hour from Page. The canyon is located within the greater Navajo Nation.

Antelope Canyon is located in Page just outside of Sedona. The 'slot canyons' were formed when the Colorado River cut through the rock. There are two narrow slot canyons, known as "pockets," and an area known as "The Antlers." The canyon is inhabited by petrified wood, which you can see in fantastical shapes and patterns. If you like art, consider taking a guided tour to learn about how artists and stone carvers shape these formations.

5. Waputki National Monument

The Waputki Mountains run along Arizona's border with New Mexico. The mountains were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 out of concern for their cultural and historical significance. The Waputki Mountains are called "the birthplace of Native American pottery" because the ancient Pueblo people used to make their earthenware here, using different materials such as sand, clay and grasses. This could be your chance to visit an ancient archaeological site.


The aptly named "Gateway to the Hopi Mesas," Sedona is a popular tourist town, especially for people who love to hike. Hiking in this area is great because you can see so many different kinds of rock formations. For example, in Oak Creek Canyon there are hundreds of travertine rocks with unique designs and colors. There are also some very nice rock formations in Sabino Canyon--opalescent red, blue and green stone forms that look like they're melting into the canyon walls.

Visit the Sedona Arts Center, which promotes the arts through exhibitions and education.

7. Petrified Forest National Park

The Petrified Forest National Park is located one and a half hours north of Tucson. The park's name dates back to the time when European settlers thought the area contained fossilized trees. While it does not, the park contains petrified wood and fossilized logs that you can see by hiking along the trails or taking a rafting trip down the Painted Desert. You can also enjoy a picnic here, visit ancient sand dunes or take a scenic drive through the park.


Arizona offers a lot of fun things to do for everyone. Visitors to Arizona will enjoy a wide variety of sites, from ancient Pueblo Indian art to stunning natural canyon-rim vistas