Gang Run Printing

What is Gang Run Printing? Gang Run Printing is simply the process of grouping printing jobs that are based on the similar print jobs together printing lines. All the printing assignments take place at the same time. Gang run printing works best when the printing requirements are repeatable on the monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. This is particularly helpful while choosing paper stock for a job.

Gang Run Printingis the huge Money Saver!

The savings in printing are generated from the increased efficiency. Whenever the printing job is done, there is always a pre production cost attached to it. However, with Gang run printing, you can reduce the number of pre production charges your business incurs. With Gang run printing, you can save the printing time by offering innumerable finished files having same color and paper requirements. Gang Run Printing helps squeeze the maximum number of jobs onto each sheet. It leads to largest savings. This is because paper is the most expensive component of any printed job. However with the Gang Run Printing, you help commercial printer save on the staffing, maintenance, plates, cleaning supplies and even energy. 

It’s Time to introduce Gang Run Printing!

Instead of series of small jobs, Gang Run Printing offers a single large job to the printer. This effectively helps create your own Gang run. By sharing a larger sheet or grouping jobs together, the cost is spread over many orders. For instance: When a person drives a bus with one passenger, it costs him a lot. But, if he will drive a commercial bus full of passengers, the cost of will be spread among all. 

However, while approaching Gang Run Printing, have a look at the given points:

  • Kind of paper every job requires

  • Finalized shape and size of the printed items

  • Color requirements for every job

  • Quantity of each finished piece

Fetch the given advantages with Gang Run Printing!


  • Print cost saving: By running the jobs of multiple clients on the same sheet of the paper, the print costs are reduced. The cost almost comes to the fraction of what it used to cost for full color printing. 



  • Extremely economical: By sharing the same print run, the cost on manpower is reduced and also on consumable costs. Gang run printing also help reduce consumable costs like plates, manual labor that includes the set up time and the press wash up labor. 


  • Labor time waste comes to minimum: Less paper is wasted on the set up because various clients share the common paper. 


However, there are certain disadvantages associated with the Gang Run Printing:


  • Less color choices: You need to use the same spot of colors on everything.

  • Increased reprint cost: Reprinting a portion of Gang run means printing the entire job again. There can be a lot of wastage if one needs only 1/4th of the original sheet reproduced.

  • Limited paper choices: Since Gang Printing has to be run on the same stock, one is bound to compromise on something other. 


 Business Cards:

Marketing collateral mostly offered by the Wholesale Trade Printer is business cards. These are highly preferred by the business owners because of its compact size and portability. They are really useful while telling someone about your business, areas of operation, contact number and address. Business cards instantly convey the basic business details, so that people can easily contact you. At TradePrint.Online, one can avail variety of color business cards from UV Coated to Painted Edges to Silk Matte Laminated etc. 


 Table Covers:

The table covers can have various company name, logo or tagline or any other image or text printed on a table cover. These table covers can be used for the trade show, business outlets and the exhibition. It gives boost to the brand identity and let it stand out from the crowd. Definitely, the size of table covers may vary according to the requirements. 




Despite of having a few disadvantages, still Gang Run Printing is thumbs up for the printing organizations. Why not to embrace it when printing costs come to fraction. The printing budget gets manageable with Gang Run Printing, so go embrace it!

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