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Ace Driving Academy & School provides you the best professional Quality Driver training Institute in Edmonton. 8+ years Experience in success driving school, Get Your Proper Training Here.

Our first tutorial will consist of a 30-minute cockpit drill before we can drive anywhere. Here's how to deal with primary and secondary controls, which will help you feel more comfortable because you're already familiar with the car. With the cockpit drill, we will move on to the stop and start, and once you master it, we will introduce something different. The Edmonton Driving Test Center will be with you throughout the learning area until you pass the driving test.


It is important that you drive in different places such as rural and urban areas. This can be your ultimate way to improve your driving skills and confidence. Therefore, we expect you to take you to the villages and suburbs of Edmonton so that you can drive to different places of the road. At our driving school, we not only teach students who come from Driving around Edmonton and its surroundings is quite a challenge. It does not require stress because learning to drive with competence and confidence in Edmonton is possible through driving school.


Get yourself a driving test in Edmonton? Getting ready?


So your driving test is coming to Edmonton soon and you have no idea what to expect.

No worries, we can help you prepare for this big day at 31 Driving School. If the Edmonton Driving Test Center is approaching, students will be given the Edmonton specific pre-test and mock test according to the driving test schedule. If you are not living near the Edmonton Test Center, we can take your lessons from your home. All our lessons will be on the streets of Edmonton and its suburbs. Roads that are used on the Edmonton Driving Test Route!


Our team will conduct a preliminary inspection of the car as part of the first test lessons to ensure that your car is well-suited for driving tests. Assume that you own it, but if not you can keep it with us. If you do not have your own car, consider hiring our rental car.


You must schedule your exams on your schedule, so to do this we will also check the schedule of your exams. Additionally, we will also check if you have a learning permit, road tax, insurance and NCT.


The next lesson, when you're done, involves a deeper explanation of what to expect from a driving test candidate, and we'll show you the bonnet check and the secondary controls as well.

For the rest of this tutorial we will let you drive in your own style, and point you out when you make a mistake - suppose it's safe to do so.


Full written feedback is given at the end of each lesson before the test.


After each lesson before the test, a written review will be provided to you as an assessment.

Students who have shown a great deal of interest in the required learning and driving ability will be provided with a mock driving test. This will give you a clear idea of ​​what the driving test is like. Of course, we will check first if you are ready before putting you on a Mac test.

Affordable ace driving school is a best complete training institute to learn driving with training classes courses. We offer a wide variety of driving courses to students, which will make our students the most proficient drivers.Ace Driving Academy helps drivers to improve driving skills with refresher courses and violence driving lessons. It will also help to achieve road safety & Traffic Rules in the country!Experienced government road testing services in Edmonton. Before getting any type of license in Edmonton. You need to take a proper road test. Contact Our Company Right Away.

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