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GogetFunding for the cure of cancer patients in the world

Gogetfunding is the most reliable platform to raise as well as donate funds for different health and education projects for you as well as for the needy.

Today in the era of the internet every business is being done online. It's also quite difficult for the fundraisers to raise funds by giving fundraising calls at public places or to organize fundraising events as everyone is so busy in his/her routine work. People in this era want everything at home at their doorstep and they perform online transactions so every business is being digitalized. The nonprofit organizations have also developed their website to collect funds but they feel difficulty in managing transactions and gaining the goodwill and the donor's trust. So we have developed a gogetfunding( platform where every fundraiser, as well as the nonprofit organizations, register and collect donations within a short period of time.
After fulfilling your needs and luxuries if you have extra money then you can make that money fruitful for yourself as well as for others. Living life for one's self doesn't matter but living for other matters a lot. So we encourage everyone on different platforms to donate for a good cause on any of the submitted donation request on this platform the welfare of mankind. If you have enough extra money but you have no one to spend on and you have fulfilled your needs and luxuries, after your demise where does this money go and who will spend that so gogetfunding suggest you, donate that money to those in need so that people will remind you in good words and this will make you virtuous in front of Lord and He will award you with the best return. So please help those in need as many little drop makes a mighty ocean so your every little donation lights the life of the needy. On this platform, you can donate for different projects which include health and education, emergency, food for hunger, and projects related to innovations and creative ideas. So give lively to those who are waiting for help as nowadays there are many people in the world who are fighting a war against cancer we also have cancer project which needs donations so that we can provide those latest medicines to the patients which are used as a cure for cancer.
We encourage people in different countries who are needy and want to fulfill their needs to join gogetfunding platform. On this platform first, you register your self by fulfilling the requirements of the platform then. The platform verifies you and if you are rightful then you are given the access to make a donation request. You have to donate 20 dollars to any of the donation requests in the queue then your donation request will become live. This is just a donation strategy to raise funds in a timely manner as if you donate 20 dollars to any of the projects then some other people will also donate to your project so you can say the funds are also collected in a circular way on gogetfunding platform. We do have donors from different walks of life from different areas of the world with different interests when you add your donation request you have to elaborate the persuasive story and you have to write by keeping in mind how to make a go fund me page go viral to collect the donations in a timely manner? This will attract more donors to your page and you will get the specified donations in a short period of time. This platform also allows you to make a video presentation about the project in which you can tell the facts and figures of your project to the people who are interested to donate.
After collecting the amount specified by the acceptor gogetfunding terminates the project and the project is submitted as a success story in the success stories list. Then you will thank the donors who helped you with their donations and can make a withdrawal request. The platform charges a minimal fee of 2 percent of the total collected money which is said to be a managing fee and that is also used for welfare purposes. You can withdraw the collected amount through easy withdrawal ways i.e pay pal and bank accounts. This platform takes the oath from the acceptors to also donate others using this platform when they have enough money after fulfilling their needs. So donate others as united we stand we will prosper in this world as well as in the hereafter. 

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