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Ever seen the show Entourage? Well, get ready, because you’re about to learn a whole different type of Entourage Effect – one that will make you forget about your physical aches and pains.

This Green Tiger Balm is a powerful, fast-acting, and a full-profile cannabinoid and terpene infusion. But what does that mean? (Hint: It has to do with kicking your pain’s ass).

A full-profile cannabinoid is a fancy term for a concentrate that preserves all of the contents extracted from the raw cannabis plant. That means that you get the full benefit of plant’s compounds without any dilution or processing. The difference here is that the 400+ ingredients (that is including THC, CBD, THCA, etc) are preserved.

So what is the Entourage Effect? In basic terms, it means applying ALL of the plant’s naturally extracted ingredients at once is much more effective than consuming single isolates (pure CBD or THC isolates). full spectrum offers your aching body all of the therapeutic healing power at once.

Is this type of medicinal balm right for you? Short answer: YES. Regardless of whether you feel muscular or neurological pain and discomfort, this balm can only help relieve your symptoms. More specifically, this ointment is perfect for:

Muscle & Joint Pain – Whether your muscles are aching from a long day of sitting or a hard day of physical labor, this cream will subside any pain and discomfort you might feel.

Neurological Disorders – Calming your neural receptors, Green Tiger Balm is great at helping those suffering from Arthritis and Parkinson’s.

The full-spectrum profile covers all bases when it comes to bodily discomfort. Studies have shown that full-spectrum cream extracts contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and pain relieving properties. Quick to absorb, the natural ingredients go to work on subsiding the overworked nerve receptors.

If muscle tension and joint pain get in the way of your day to day freedom, this is the right solution for you. Try this powerful, fast-acting, full-profile cannabinoid & terpene infusion and feel the like a million bucks again.

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Treatment of Mild Skin Problems
Skin irritations are a normal part of our lives. Bug bites, scrapes, scratches, and burns are uncomfortable, and cannabis creams relieve pain at the site of the injury while reducing painful swelling. Certain salves and ointments also include antibacterial features too. Like with any product, use caution when applying as every cannabis product has a different formula.

Pain Management
Cannabinoids in lotion products will bind to specific receptors in your body to bring fast relief of certain types of muscular and joint pain. These products are directly applied to the skin and begin to calm down your pain radiating nerve endings related to your sore spots.

Since these type of products don’t enter your bloodstream, you won’t experience any drug high effects. This means you can use this product as often as you want.

Sexual Enhancement
It isn’t a surprise that cannabis is an aphrodisiac which has now found its way into our bedrooms. Weed lubes are topical and are infused with plant oils to increase the stimulation of the genitals and encourage natural lubrication. The natural increase of blood flow gets further enhanced by the beneficial circulatory properties of THC and CBD. Remember that oil-based lubricants do not tolerate latex, so discuss other protection options if you don’t pick a water-based lube for your play.

Calms Psoriasis
Similar to its effect on minor skin irritations, cannabis lotion products can also bring some small relief to people living with psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition that is often painful due to the body’s constant buildup of excess skin cells. Many who live with psoriasis and use these products say that they experience less severe episodes after regular application.


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