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Hair clips that Make Your Hair more Beautiful

If you want to know which wholesale hair clip can sparkle with your hairstyle?

Hair Clips 3 Pieces Geometric Shiny Hair Clip

It is said that fashion is a reincarnation, this is true. With the upsurge of the retro trend, each piece of retro items has returned to the fashion circle. Hair clips have also returned to people's vision this year and have been loved by many fashionistas. But this year's prevailing grandma-style hair clips have more requirements for driving ability, if the hair clip is not properly matched, it is very easy to make the overall look a little strange. If you want to know which wholesale hair clip can sparkle with your hairstyle? The suggestions given below may help you.

  1. How to Match Hair clips with Short Hair?

    Compared with the routinist long hair, short hairstyles tend to have a more fashionable sense, no matter what hair colors, there will be light and smart feeling, very suitable for spring and summer! Short hair is actually the most malleable hairstyle. For girls who pursue low-key and refreshing, the choice of hair clips should not be too exaggerated. Smaller and delicate styles will be more suitable.

    Hair Clips Fashion Five-pointed Star Diamond Hairpin

    The hair clips made of flash diamonds are very delicate. Even the dull and ordinary dark hair colors, as long as it is matched with this sparkling element, can be very outstanding at once. When you are choosing accessories, remember to pay attention to the small details of the clothing. When matching, you can choose to use the flashing diamonds of the corresponding color to match the decoration on the clothing. This combination can give you a sweet plus!

    Hair Clips Star Rhinestone Pearl Metal Hairpin

    Pearl hair clips are also a good choice. It is easy to create elegant and sexy. It will be more affinity for women in the jobs. It is also very suitable for wearing on a date. Although it is only a small detail change, wearing a hair clip can make immediately make you look gentle.

    Hair Clips Geometric Colorful Rhinestone Hair Clip Set

    Short bangs hair is more suitable for younger women with a sweet style. Because of the overall appearance of the girlish style, the accessories will also change accordingly, so colored hair clips must be the best choice. The candy color series not only lifts the complexion but also has the breath of summer, full of vitality!
  2. How to Match Hair clips with Long Hair?

    Long hair should be regarded as the most mainstream hairstyle among girls, from black long straight hair to big wavy hair, from wool curly hair to pear perm long hair! Different curls and hair colors correspond to different temperaments and can be ever-changing! If you choose the right hair clips, you can easily stand out from the crowd!

    Hair Clips Irregular Retro Rhinestone Hollow Pattern Hairpin

    Put down the long hair shawl, and then leave some hair on both sides of your forehead and cheeks, put on a peaked cap and add a large flashing hair clip next to the hat. This irregular wearing method makes exaggerated hair accessories not will look obtrusive, very unique and stylish. If you match it with pink clothes and makeup, you will look very girlish.

    Hair Clips 2 Pieces Irregular Wave Graphic Hollow Hair Clip

    So which hair clip is more suitable for long hair with dark color? The answer is of course-metal hair clips! The low-key and simple metal hair clips match the dark colors very well! There will not be too much contrast in the color, and there will be a bright feeling in front of the eyes. For long hair, the way of wearing is also more varied. Cross-wearing hair clips is a very popular one recently!

    Hair Clips Chain Shape Resin Women Hair Clip

    In summer, more girls will keep light-colored hair colors! Then there are more options for light colors than dark hair. On the contrary, the light color does not match well with the metal, and the presence of the hair clips may be reduced because of the similar color. To highlight the presence of hair accessories, you can choose a darker color black hair clip. It can make you look low-key and advanced.
  3. How to Match Hair clips with Tied Up Hair?

    There are not too many days to endure the heat and put your hair down for the hot summer. Instead, the usage rate of the ponytail and pan hair is higher! If you want simple hair to become more outstanding, then you need to wear a hair clip. And when the hair is tied up, there is still a large area of "creative space" at the back of the head!

    Hair Clips Luxury Pearl Shell Duckbill Hairpin

    The combination of straight-line pearl hair clips and coiled hair is really cool, and the design sense can give full marks. Do you want to own it when you see the picture? When you tie your hair in a circle, you can wear such a fashionable hair clip vertically behind your head. It also matches well with the mocha hair color. If you pair it with a light-colored dress or shirt that will be beautiful!

    Hair Clips Noble Rhinestone Pearl Hairpin

    Just like hair clips, ponytail hair has become popular recently. Not only are cool girls taking ponytail hair as their own styling symbol, but the Korean group black pink also used ponytail hair in their new music MV, which shows that its popularity is very high. But when you wear a ponytail hair clip, you should choose a fashionable and simple style, and it should be worn in a suitable position, otherwise, the ponytail hair will not look pretty enough if you are not careful. Wearing a suitable hair clip, even ordinary ponytail hair can instantly become exquisite!

    Hair Clips Magic Beads Elasticity Double Hair Comb Clip

    Good styling and skill are important, but creativity is often more important. Using the most common elements to create a refreshing feeling is even more amazing. If you are interested, come to our online store OOK JEWELRY and choose some exquisite workmanship and cost-effective wholesale hair clips, we believe they are not only suitable for your hairstyle but also bring icing on the cake to your outfit´╝ü
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