hair loss treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

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Can hair loss be restored?

Hair loss is a problem that is inevitable with age as hair follicles become weak over time to support hair growth and hair start to turn grey and fall more often. But recently, it has been noted that hair fall has been recorded to occur in relatively younger age due to reasons like too much stress, lack of proper diet, iron deficiency or some medical conditions like anaemia, androgenic alopecia and thyroid. Hair loss problems are troubling youth very much which has driven doctors to provide a more permanent solution for this problem.



There are a lot of options available in the market for the treatment of hair loss but they don't provide much stable solution for this problem. Some of the solutions are as follows-


Does Cutting Hair Reduce Hair Fall

Hair is damaged and becomes brittle over time and is easily prone to breakage which causes hair loss. Hair loss occurs due to many reasons due to medication, hormonal problems, stress, pollution, etc. Hair loss can be prevented by taking necessary steps to keep the scalp healthy by taking good diet supplementary, scalp treatment-seeking advice from professionals for healthy hair growth.

Hair regularly trimmed is less prone to get damaged and develop split ends which are likely to move upwards towards the scalp. Never too late for anything as there are many myths regarding the length of the hair, avoiding regular shampooing of the hair cutting grey hair so that a new one doesn’t sprout out. Now a day’s both men and women are conscious about every thing about hair growth, hair loss and solutions to get out of this.  

  • Medication

Doctors have approved the use of medication for the treatment of hair fall. MINOXIDIL was discovered by accident as hair growth medicine, it was originally used for high blood pressure. FINASTERIDE was also originally used for the treatment of enlarged prostate gland but was discovered to be good for hair loss as well. Both these medications are rather effective in returning hair growth by simulating blood flow but only as long they are taken regularly. Such medications do not work well for women as they do for men and they might become less effective over time.

  • Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is also a very effective method for regaining hair growth and it is useful for both men and women. Laser therapy helps simulate follicles for hair growth. Laser therapy requires longer sessions and is fairly expensive. Furthermore, its effectiveness has not been fully established.



  • Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is known to be the most effective solution for hair fall with high success rate. It is a surgical treatment where hair follicles are transferred from the donor area to the recipient area of the head. This procedure requires a highly qualified and experienced surgeon and a lot of funds. This hair loss treatment gives fairly permanent results with hair growth in just 6 - 9 months.


  • PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also an effective solution for hair loss. In this, blood sample is taken from the patient, platelet-rich plasma is extracted from it and injected into recipient area of the patient. It requires two or three sittings and is only effective when rate of hair fall is less.


Conclusion: These are also some other hair growth treatments available in the market. But it is a well-known fact that precaution is better than cure; so, the first step should be to not let such problems arise by giving proper nourishment with the help of a balanced diet. There are oils and shampoos which assure results after regular usage; also, hair massage helps to simulate hair growth. But if the hair loss problem is serious, then Hair Transplant Surgery is the most trusted solution for hair fall. Hair transplant allows the patient to have more natural-looking hair and its results are more effective and long-lasting as compared to any other treatment.

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