High-Risk Merchant Account

High-Risk Merchant Account Offers an enhancement to your transaction process

Industries want a solution to enhance their dealings and this is possible through a High-Risk Merchant Account Provider like WebPays that can make your company work appropriately.


Industries require the exact solution to their transaction process and thus get in touch with a perfect service provider to enhance their payment processes. Though there are several processors but only are few that can support your business to run in an appropriate manner. WebPays is the leading name in the monetary segment offering reliable amenity to merchants and this is possible through a High-Risk Merchant Account.

Credit card offering a swift business to merchants

The credit card with a High-Risk Merchant Account offers an instant solution to dealings. You can secure your business with a credit card processing facility. You can process your payment from anywhere without a hassle. You can look for awesome transaction in a consistent manner.  Several clients connect to you as they have no problem in transferring funds from their end. The clients trust the service or products that your online store offers. A kind of reliability develops between you and your customer. You can connect several people at a time with card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and many more. The exceptional transaction takes place without any disruption.

Multiple currencies offering international business

Diverse currencies with a High-Risk Merchant Account offering global dealings to merchants who want to extend their business. With different currencies, you can look for promoting your products at a global level. You can look for a speedy transaction process with the help of the UK Pound, the US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and several others. With the help of these currencies, you can run your industry in an effective manner. Your worldwide clients are happy to offer you funds from their gateway to yours for the purchase done. Thus, there is immense transaction and thereby there is an enhancement in revenue.

High-risk gateway offers a secure solution to all transaction

High-risk gateway provides a solution in a secure manner to merchants. You can get Non-3Ds and 3Ds for safeguarding your transaction. You can make your gateway safe from all sorts of frauds and scams and at the same time also overcome chargebacks in your business. With these solutions, you can move your high-risk industry ahead without any hitch. There are no constraints in your dealings as you get pay-outs in a timely manner.

Offshore way-out considered the best for pay-outs

As a merchant, you can seek the perfect payment from your clients if you are seeking international solutions for your business. As an industry owner, you can apply online and the expert squad will contact you soon with solutions. They will also inquire for documents for verification purposes and after then it will send to the acquiring bank for verification. Once it is verified, a merchant account is provided within 10 days. The global solutions are better than the domestic ones as they are flexible in approach and not time-consuming. Therefore mostly merchants go for international way-out.

Look for a constant service provider

Look for a continual service provider with a High-Risk Merchant Account to enhance your transaction. HighRisk Gateways work as continual service provider offering way-out to merchants. The expert team is available 24 hours to make your industry run perfectly with their solutions. You can thus enhance your transaction while calling them or applying online.

PCI-DSS compliance supports your business

Payment safety is supreme for every merchant, monetary institution or another unit that stores, processes or transfers cardholder facts.

The PCI-DSS helps guard the security of those facts. They set the working and technical necessities for groups accepting or processing sum dealings, and for software developers besides producers of applications and strategies used in those dealings.

Maintaining payment safety is grave business. It is essential that every unit accountable for the safety of cardholder data industriously follows the PCI-DSS.

Prefer WebPays for exceptional transaction

Being a merchant, you can look for exceptional transaction from WebPays, a leading monetary service provider offering instant solutions to your transaction process. You can look for solutions like

•          Credit card processing for immediate pay-outs

•          ACH payment solution for instant transaction

•          Electronic check way-out for immediate business

•          PCI-DSS compliance for the security of the industry

•          API integration to your web for a safe transaction

•          Diverse currencies at a global level for enhancing the deal                                                

•          High-Risk Merchant Account for overcoming frauds and chargebacks

•          Non-3Ds and 3Ds for safeguarding the deal

Besides, there are several solutions that are helpful to merchants seeking facility from WebPays. Thus, you can improve your dealings without any delay as WebPays fulfills all your requirements according to the type of business you deal with.

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