HIV viraday Tablet

HIV Viraday Tablet Medicine - Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, and Warning

In this blog, You can read about Viraday Tablet Medicine and Its uses, side effects, precautions, and warning.

Viraday Tablet is a combination of three antiretrovirals medicines of efavirenz IP, emtricitabine IP, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate IP. Tablet is used for  HIV infection. It blocks the virus from multiplying in your body.

Brand name: Viraday
Manufactured by: Cipla Limited
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 30 tablets

Side Effects of Viraday Tablets 

Sometimes medicines have no side effects, but Side effects can happen with any medication, so always use them as advised. If you feel any severe side effects so discuss with your doctor.

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nightmare
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Difficulty in sleeping

How to take

This medicine comes as a tablet and is taken on an empty stomach once a day. Regularly take the pill at the same time to increases its effectiveness. Never missed the dose. It may affect the treatment. 


  • Never take a high dose of viraday can cause damage to the body. The doctor determines your medicine on how quantity you need. It may depend on your age and disease.
  • If you order online medicine, so make sure the parcel is not damaged. 
  • It makes you dizzy or tired, don't drive. It is advised.
  • Take tablet after check carefully the best before and expiry date. It can affect your health.
  • All medicines can cause side effects, including prescription or non-prescription drugs. If you ever experienced side effects from any treatment so inform the doctor It can bother you.
  • You have to make sure you are ordering online medicine from a legally trusted pharmacy.
  • It is a prescription tablet. If you want to viraday tablet buy online; You can get the tablet after uploading the prescription. 


  • Most people make a big mistake. They don't follow the instructions correctly; that's why they may face some dilemma with HIV. Here are some warning to help you during your treatment and prevent transmission of HIV:
  • Viraday tablet is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women. As a drug, which can be transmitted through the mother's milk to the baby. It can also be harmful to the baby, so always consult with the doctor and pharmacist before taking the viraday tablet.
  • Keep tablets away from children. Store all medicine where the child cannot reach.
  • Make sure to lock the safety cap on a medicine bottle after using it.
  • If you want to sex during treatment, You should consult with your doctor to know about safe sex and prevent the virus.
  • It is not advised to consume alcohol during the treatment. It may increase the side effects. Some people may experience some side effects so If you are an alcoholic, discuss with your doctor.
  • If you have any kidney, liver, and other diseases, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may suggest regular blood check your blood count and kidney function, liver function.

Substitute for Viraday Tablet

Teevir Tablet

Brand Name: Teevir
Manufactured By: Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Form: Tablet
Packing: Pack of 30 Tablets
Country Of Origin: India

Vonavir Tablets

Brand Name: Vonavir
Manufactured by: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 30 Tablets

Trustiva Tablet

Brand Name: Trustiva
Manufactured By: Hetero Healthcare Ltd
Form: Tablet
Packing: Pack of 30 Tablets
Country Of Origin: India

Forstavir-3 Tablets

Brand name: Forstavir-3 Tablets
Manufactured by: Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 30 tablets

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