Home Remedies for Hyperacidity

Home Remedies for Hyperacidity | Home Remedies for Acid reflux And Heartburn

Best Home Remedies for Hyperacidity and Heartburn. Here are some Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acidity. Get more Information of Acid Reflux Remedies its causes and symptoms

Hyperacidity is also called Acid Dyspepsia, which is one of the most widely recognized health issues. Hyperacidity is an ailment in which the stomach secretes lots of acids. This can cause symptoms such as a chest burn which is commonly called heartburn. The condition is often referred to as acid reflux. Acid reflux symptoms happen often, then it leads to acid reflux disease, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

The stomach typically has a pH of 3.5, which helps food break down properly. A pH value of 0 indicates a high level of acidity, whereas a pH of 14 points out the basic or alkaline nature. pH of 7 is neutral and ideal for the stomach. Just like different substances, distinct parts of the human body have different pH levels. The optimal pH of blood is 7.35 and 7.45 which is somewhat soluble.

What are the causes of Hyperacidity?

  • Eating habits: “You are what you eat”. As rightly quoted, the way you eat and what you eat is an important factor that decides on your hyperacidity. All junk, spicy, oily any fried foods create the problem of acidity. Individuals who skip their meals or avoid eating at an appropriate time are also prone to hyperacidity symptoms. 
  • Stress: Stress is one of the major causes that contribute to hyperacidity. Breathing exercises and meditation should be done in order to prevent the disease.
  • Medications: Prolonged usage of various medicines like anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, antibiotics, such as tetracycline, etc. develop chances of hyperacidity.
  • Alcohol: Excess consumption of alcohol not only damage the liver but also can give the invitation to hyperacidity problem.
  • Smoking: Heavy smoking is listed to be one most important cause of hyperacidity.
  • Other causes of acidity also include Pregnancy, Obesity, Aging, Fasting.

What Are the Common Acid Reflux Symptoms?

Heartburn, regurgitation, and dyspepsia are the most common acid reflux symptoms.

Heartburn is also known as acid indigestion. This causes burning pain or discomfort that moves up from your stomach to the middle of your abdomen and chest. Despite its name, heartburn doesn't affect your heart.

Regurgitation is the sensation of acid backing up into the throat or mouth which is associated with the sour taste in the mouth. Sometimes people even vomit some contents of the stomach.

Dyspepsia is a general term for stomach discomfort. Burping, Nausea after eating, Stomach fullness or bloating and upper abdominal pain and discomfort are the signs associated with it.

Home Remedies For Hyperacidity

Diet Regimen

Foods to Avoid :-

Foods to Eat :-

×  Alcohol

  1. Amaranth

×  Cabbage

  1. Apple

×  Fried food

  1. Asparagus

×  Non-veg diets

  1. Banana

×  Onion

  1. Brazil nuts

×  Pepper

  1. Fresh coconut

×  Pickles

  1. Fresh peas

×  Radish

  1. Fresh vegetable juices

×  Spicy, salty and acidic food

  1. Garlic


  1. Green beans

×   Smoking

  1. Buckwheat

×   Steroidal drugs

  1. Carrots


  1. Celery


  1. Chestnuts


  1. Millet


  1. Parsley


  1. Sprouted Beans and seeds


  1. Watermelon

White onion juice with sugar

  1. Drinking 3 table spoon white onion juice with 1 table spoon sugar and ½ cup

curd helps to reduce acidity.

Pineapple with sugar and Pepper

  1. Eating pineapple with sugar and pepper powder also reduces acidity.

Chilled Milk

  1. Drinking chilled ¼ cup milk with ½ cup water relieves acidity.
  2. Drinking ½ ltr of water mixed with ½ a tsp of sugar and juice of 1 lemon, ½ an hour before lunch, also reduces acidity.

Coriander powder with sugar

  1. Eating a tsp of coriander powder mixed with ½ a tsp of sugar after meals also relieves you of acidity.

Carrot juice

  1. Drinking carrot juice also works wonders in curing acidity.

Pepper corns with ghee

  1. Mix powder of 4-5 pepper corns slowly roasted in ghee with 100ml of milk and a little sugar and then drink it to reduce acidity.

Coriander powder and dry ginger powder

  1. Mixed in equal quantities, and taking a teaspoon of this mixture reduces acidity.
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