How a Local Prayer Time Reminder App Can Help You?

Want to know about the time of the local prayer? A local prayer time reminder app can help you. Read on to know about this.

Millions of Muslims all across the world share a common ritual, called salah (prayer). Consider as one of the five pillars of Islam, daily prayers are a vital guiding practice that reminds us to be faithful to Allah (swt). Besides, it also contributes to the connection that we feel with our brothers and sisters all over the world. 

The positioning of the Sun in the sky determines the time for prayer (Namaz). And so, the prayer times can vary based on where you live in the world. Besides, it can differ depending on the difference in altitude.  You should never perform the prayer before the prescribed time.  But how will you know the time of local prayer? This is where the importance of a local prayer time reminder app comes.

Designed by professional developers, this exclusive app will let you know the time of Fajr (dawn prayer), Dhur (midday prayer), Asr (afternoon prayer), Maghrib (sunset prayer), and Isha (night prayer). Irrespective of where you reside, you could know the time of prayer through this app and perform it accordingly. And thus, the app will work as your true boon. 

  1. Listen to Islamic radio and radio broadcast

No matter where you are, now, you can enjoy the magical effect of Islamic music and heal your body and strengthen your mind with this unique app. As there are several radio channels, you can listen to what you like on the Islamic radio of the Quran, as well as lectures. In case any Islamic scholar is going to participate in a live lecture session or will shed light on a specific topic on Islam, you will be notified about this through the app. With this, you will never miss a lecture or a live session.

  1. Find local mosque and masjids

Have you recently shifted to a new area? Don’t you know where the local mosque is? Finding it difficult to complete your Friday prayer properly? The local mosque and masjid finder app in Canada is there at your rescue. With this app, you can find local masjids in your city easily with a brief description of their location. You could also know the operation hour along with other details. 

  1. Know the announcement in the city

Knowing about the upcoming events will no more be difficult for you with this app. You will know all the announcements in the city. Whether it is events in the community, updates on the project accomplished in the city, or even death announcements and where the funeral is going to take place, you will come to know about all the recent things through this app.

  1. Locate local businesses

Whether you are looking for a travel agency, a shop that offers used home appliances, a food supplier, a dental clinic, or something else, you can locate the local businesses with this unique app. It will offer you a brief description of the business along with the contact details and web page address. You can search by the business category that will help you spot the business that you need.

Besides the mentioned ones, this app can help you in many more ways. To know about these and benefitted, download CIDAC now!