How AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) is unique from Aeronautical Engineering?

AME CEE means Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Examination. Students can apply for this entrance exam online 2021. Registration form or application form has been released.

Each course has their own and crucial role in the aviation sector. AME and Aeronautical Engineering both are different course but having only one similarity that they are related to aircrafts. The career opportunities are high as the aviation sector is growing worldwide. The candidate desire to build their career in the aviation can choose any of the one depending upon the interest of the student. The clear description about their difference have been explained so that student can make right choice for them.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

AME is the one of the unique engineering program which is internationally licensed based. AME can be pursued through the institution approved by the DGCA, Govt. of India. This course is relevant to the maintenance, repair, conducting inspection, rectifying, and solving the issues in the aircraft. The well-being and protection of an aircraft are in hands of AME. AME has good scope in Govt. and private sector worldwide.

AME Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of AME are as follows:

· Scheduling maintenance and carrying out the task as per the schedule.

· Examining whether the electrical and electronic systems are functioning properly.

· Checking the framework of the aircraft including power plants, wings, and propellers.

· Inspecting the engines and pistons.

· Servicing all the parts of an aircraft so that they work smoothly.

· Repairing any faults.

· Maintaining inspection records.

· Repairing sheet metal that forms the framework.

· Replacing parts which are damaged.

· Rechecking the equipment once the parts are replaced.

AME job Profiles

The job profile in which AME can work are such as:

1. Airframe and Powerplant Engineer

2. Avionics Engineer

3. Airframe Engineer

4. Powerplant Engineer

Many more…

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is the four-year undergraduate engineering program that deals with the designing, planning, developing, and manufacturing of aircraft. The colleges approved by AICTE, Govt. of India offers this course. Aeronautical Engineer have decent jobs scope in India but they have great scope in abroad.

Aeronautical Engineering Duties and Responsibility

Have a look what Aeronautical Engineer do after completion of the course:

· Provide direction and coordination to the designing, manufacturing, and testing of an aircraft.

· Evaluate the proposal for a project if they are technically and financially feasible.

· Assess if the outcome of the project meets the goals that are defined earlier.

· Evaluate design to look that the products meet the engineering principles, environmental regulations, and customer requirements.

· Build the acceptance criteria for quality standard, design method, sustainment after delivery of project, and completion dates.

· Ensure that projects reach the quality standard as defined in the proposal.

· If there is any damage to the product, identify the sources of problems and possible solution for that.

Aeronautical Engineering Job Profile

The job profile of Aeronautical Engineer are as follows:

1. Aircraft Engineers

2. Thermal Design Engineer

3. Aircraft Production Manager

4. Aerospace Design Checker

Many more…

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