Dental Abscess Affect Your General Health

How Can a Dental Abscess Affect Your General Health?

An abscess refers to a pocket filled with pus that develops within our body tissue. It can be triggered by a bacterial infection that formed in the area where the abscess is found.

An abscess refers to a pocket filled with pus that develops within our body tissue. It can be triggered by a bacterial infection that formed in the area where the abscess is found. This condition is often accompanied by inflammation and swelling. Dental abscesses are a type of abscess that occurs in our oral system, particularly on the teeth and nearby tissue of the jaw. An emergency trip to your dentist in Red Deer is necessary during this situation.

Health Problems That Can Be Related to a Dental Abscess

Infections that occur in any part of your body should be taken seriously. While it may be rare for a dental abscess to develop complications, conditions will become severe once they occur. For instance, the bacterial infection can spread to the other parts of the bones. Here are some possible complications that can happen if you have a dental abscess.

• This infection can enter the bloodstream and spread to our brain. This can then lead to a serious illness known as a brain abscess. During some cases, this can cause a coma.

•  It can also infect the jaw and the face. This is a condition called Ludwig’s angina. This can block the airways wherein the patient will experience breathing difficulty.

• The bacterial infection may also spread to your heart and progress into a medical illness called bacterial endocarditis.

•  If the bacteria spreads upward, it is possible to develop a sinus infection.

•  It can also cause damage to your jaw. During this situation, it is possible for your teeth to become damaged beyond salvation.

Some of the illnesses that are related to a dental abscess can be fatal. Fortunately, they are considered rare. Apart from the medical condition mentioned above, abscessed teeth can also progress to sepsis. This is a complication that will poison the patient’s bloodstream. Prompt treatment of this dental problem by your dentist in Red Deer is necessary to avoid such complications.

Symptoms of a Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth will usually occur at the root or the base of your tooth. This may initially begin as a bad case of tooth decay that you consistently ignore. You may think that this is simply a severe type of toothache. Once you look at the other symptoms, you will be able to identify if you are suffering from a dental abscess. Symptoms include:

• A severe case of bad breath and a bitter or foul taste in your mouth.

• Pain that becomes severe when lying down.

• Severe pain when applying pressure on your teeth, such as biting or chewing.

• Pain that will radiate to your neck, jaw, and ear.

• Swelling and redness on a section of your face.

• Red/ swollen gums and lymph nodes.

• Tooth discolouration.

• Fever.

How to Treat a Dental Abscess

While pain and swelling are common signs of different oral problems, there are also instances when you will not experience any symptoms. This is a sign that the pus has found another route to drain. For those who do not show any symptoms, your Red Deer dental clinic may require X-rays during your routine examination. Tapping on your tooth can also help the dentist pinpoint the area where you are experiencing pain. If the problem can’t be diagnosed, they will refer you to an endodontist ––a professional specialized in abscessed teeth. Here are some of the possible treatment options for a dental abscess.

• Antibiotics- Once the bacterial infection has spread to the other parts of your body, the dentist might prescribe antibiotics. Nonetheless, this may not be enough to treat the dental abscess.

• Tooth Extraction- In the case that the tooth is beyond salvation, the endodontist may perform a tooth extraction.

• Root Canal Treatment- This is a standard procedure performed to treat an abscessed tooth. This can also increase the probability that your tooth will be saved. The dentist will start cleaning the pulp found inside the tooth by drilling through it. He will then seal it using dental fillings. Sometimes, the patient may receive a crown instead of a filling. Once the tooth has been restored, you will notice that it remains functional like your other teeth.

•  Surgical Procedure- Surgery might be necessary to drain the pus of your periodontal abscess.

Simple strategies can help you prevent a dental abscess. For instance, a regular checkup and teeth cleaning at your Red Deer dental clinic will help you maintain optimal oral health. You should also try to avoid consuming sugary drinks and foods on a regular basis.

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