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How Critical Thinking Helps Shaping Kid’s Brain?

The teachers at one of the Best Schools in Noida, strive to better the ability of the kids so that they think clearly and rationally their actions, decisions and their results to have logical connections of ideas and their consequences.

Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life beautiful. The talk of a soul with itself, its discussion with your own thought process, solution to your challenges, ways out for your problems, gives birth to the thinking skills. We are all tested at each and every step of life to prove our worth, thus igniting our brain vessels with the fire of imagination. The teachers at one of the Best Schools in Noida, strive to better the ability of the kids so that they think clearly and rationally their actions, decisions and their results to have logical connections of ideas and their consequences.

Simulation of information does not mass up to Critical thinking. It's not just ending up in a store house of knowledge but turning out to be an epitome of technical and logical synchronization of thought processes.

How Critical thinking shapes a brain and the personality based on it ?

Enhances Thought Process :

A game changer skill , not only fuelling minds with blasting but valuable , logical and practical ideas with due room for manipulation.

Evaluating Oneself :

Critical Thinking gives you space to think how ideally you can improvise your living.

Comprehends abilities

Critical Thinking enhances expression of ideas, thus improvising intellectual skills , thinking skills , giving new ideas and technical resolutions

Improvising a Nation's strength:

More improvised Critical Thinking, more experimentation, more projects and finally strengthens any Nation's economical and social situation.

   Being a metacognitive skill, it not only promotes reflective thinking but also allows a room for improvement without any bias. The young generation in the school are in a crucial age of critical thinking , where their minds need to ignited and brainstormed with scientific reasoning  . Young minds can be infused with the thought process that's not only practical but systematic, analytical and logical , henceforth developing open mindedness and encouraging critical thinking. Breaking down a complex problem into parts , with faith in own judgment to find truth enhances critical thinking. But as the time passes on, world is getting more mechanized  and hence gets the thinking power too ,so giving birth to new level of thinking and that's Artificial intelligence.

 Artificial intelligence refers to the machines performing cognitive functions. These functions vary from thinking to perception , reasoning and solving problems. We ourselves accepted happily the association of artificial intelligence in our lives to make our lives more smart ,but somewhere we gave ourselves acceptance letter for slavery.

Can Artificial intelligence really compete Human brain's domains ? Can it really perform those skills of human brains with success. The answer may be yes but still critical thinking capability still rules the world.  Machines can be successful at replacing human tasks , may be threatening human brains to a vegetative state , freezing their thinking process and putting us all in the nerve chilling truth that sooner or later mankind may be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Although artificial intelligence revolutionized ability to monitor or assess an individual's capability to critically think but sometimes it equips virtual learning with critical learning. A capegemi study revealed that organizations which have implemented artificial intelligence showed little negative impact with creation of more jobs. To focus more on this CBSE has instructed to reform our pattern of academics with the development of cognitive abilities associated with critical thinking for an overall advanced educating system.  Education needs to assess procedures for developing ignited minds with the combination of Artificial intelligence and critical thinking skills, for a smooth transition to next century. Top Schools in Noida are including teaching skills which initiate creative thinking amalgamated with artificial intelligence. ASPAM SCOTTISH SCHOOL located at sector 62 NOIDA , has changed and improvised teaching strategies so as to enhance the creative thinking skills . The school is equipped with Genius Corner lab which promotes creative thinking. To give wings to the imagination coupled with technology ASPAM has Robotics lab which encourages young minds to think creatively and create something new and useful. The digital lesson plans coupled with audio and video assistance are another example of artificial intelligence employed in ASPAM. In all it is a digitalized effort to couple imagination creatively for the betterment of humanity with the creation of new resources.

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