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How Do You Shop for Bathroom Vanities in NYC?

Choosing a vanity can bring a change in aesthetics of your bath space significantly. This is especially important when you’re planning for bathroom renovation in New York.

Choosing a vanity can bring a change in aesthetics of your bath space significantly. This is especially important when you’re planning for bathroom renovation in New York. Whatever style you prefer, a vanity adds an exceptional edge to your bathroom.

When it comes to buying a vanity during your NYC bathroom renovation project, you should consider the quality of your cabinets. Here are a few important things to consider while buying bathroom vanities for you:

Consider the construction of cabinets.

There are two different cabinets available i.e. fully assembled and ready to assemble. Take a look at the post below and find each one in detail.

Fully Assembled Bathroom Vanities – Fully assembled bathroom vanities are generally assembled in the factory. They are specifically designed to withstand the transit conditions as they are made with industry-best techniques. Typically, these vanities are heavier and sturdier than their counterparts.

Ready to Assemble Bathroom Vanities – These vanities are shipped in individual parts. They are assembled on-site. It can be quite difficult and time consuming to assemble. Though all parts need to put together, the sturdiness and construction depend on the person putting them together.

Focus on the construction of drawers.

The bottom panels of the drawers should be well-constructed as they need to support the weight of your items. Most brands typically come with half inch solid wood made bottom panels to support lots of weight.

Pay attention to drawer slides.

Undermount and Soft-Closing Drawer Slides – If you invest in Undermount drawer glides, they will provide you with complete accessibility to the drawers. These slides are mounted under the drawer and are designed specifically to support lots of weight.

Generally, they combine with at least half inch strong bottom panel to support all of your bathroom accessories without bending. Though the slides are made with soft closing mechanism, it enables you to close the drawer smoothly and softly while minimizing damage to the cabinet.

Side Mount or Center Mount Drawer Slides – Side or Center Mount glides don’t provide complete access like undermount glides. They prevent complete access to the back of the drawer.

Buy soft closing hinges.

When it comes to buying bathroom vanities, you’ll come across different hinge mechanisms to choose from like six way adjustable soft closing hinges, four way adjustable soft closing hinges and no soft closing hinge.

However, six way adjustable soft closing hinges are the most flexible types as they can be adjusted in/out, up/down and left/ right. They will close on their own after nudging slightly. This prevents slamming damage accidently while enhancing the durability of the cabinet.

Is it worth investing in a top-quality bathroom vanity?

Your bathroom vanity is an investment you should consider during your bathroom renovation in NYC. Even if you’re concerned about the bathroom renovation cost in NYC, you can take help from expert bath remodelers. Whether you’re prepping for large or small bathroom remodels in NYC, making a purchase of high quality vanities can be a worthwhile decision.

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