How Does Bill Payment System Works In India-Behind Screens

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In this era where the bill payment is prevalent and most accepted in the digital realm. Every transaction has been on the online mode which provides a ubiquitous and a single payment option to the customers. There are many applications, one salient than the other and With a plethora of options, there is an ambiguity to choose the best application for the customers. Hence there is a rampant search for the Best bill pay app for Android and IOS devices. But have you ever wondered what actually happens behind the screens of “ payment successful” and paying your bills online/offline?

Here’ s a brief about what exactly happens during online bill payment. Before that, you need to know about BBPS ( Bharat Bill Pay System) which is an RBI( Reserve Bank Of India) based conceptualized and owned by NPCI( National Payments Corporation Of India) that enabled digital payments and settlement systems in India. The best mobile payment app will also be connected to the BBPS, banks, and RBI and these apps are innovated by the agent institutions connected to the hierarchy of the bill payment systems.

The BBPS offers an integrated, interoperable, easily accessible bill payment system for all the customers across various regional geographies with a safe, certain and reliable mode of the payment system. BBPS is a two-tiered structure consisting of BBPCU ( Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit) which is a single authoritative entity maintaining all the payments and settlements of the BBPS. Another structure is called the BBPOUs ( Bharat Bill Payment Operational Units) that only operates the customer end( customer OU), the biller end(Biller OU)and another operational unit that operates both the customer end and biller end. While doing big tv recharge online, the operating units will engage with the customers and acquire the billers in every category to provide a single prominent payment channel.

System Participants while making a bill payment.

There are core utilities that RBI has approved, they are Electricity, Water, Gas( piped and LPG), Telecom( Mobile, Landline, Broadband) and DTH. The other categories include the Institution fees, Insurance, Credit card bill payments, EMI and tax payment. For all these payments to process, there are a few system participants. They are:

  1. Customer: The end users who will use the utility, for eg: Electricity, 
  2. Agent institutions- These are the institutions that are related to bill payment services like Electricity, Gas, water, etc and to pay Chhattisgarh electricity bill payment online, bill payment institutions must provide service in the utility payment category.

3. Banks: All the banks are interconnected through the BBPOU for immediate settlement and payment of the utility bills.

4.BBPCU: The Bharat Bill payment customer unit is specifically operated to engage with the customers.

5.Aggregator/ service provider: online landline bill payment is provided through the apps, website, etc by these agents.

6. Billers: These are the billers who provide the utility services to the customer end. 

The whole payment services must go through the hierarchy for making the bill payment process possible.

XIPHIAS XPay Life Pvt Ltd is a potential start-up that acts both as an agent institution that provides utility bill payment services and as aggregator/service provider that is providing a gamut of bill payment services through the mobile app, website, bill payment ATP kiosk, POS machines, and Mobile Vans. 

Both ATP kiosk and Mobile Vans are BBPS and NPCI assured and hence adding credibility to the whole services provided by XPay Life during the multi-utility bill payment like Airtel Broadband Bill Payment Online. all the infrastructure is built on the most secure payment technology of the AMBIC model that is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and cloud for the bill payment process.

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