How Green Cosmetic Boxes are Disrupting the Packaging Approach?

packaging companies have observed tendency towards decorations in custom cosmetic boxes taking a back seat, whereas easy-to-use packaging solutions are gaining traction.

If there’s just one word to describe the state of the beauty industry in the US today, it would definitely be disruption. Whether you look at brands, categories or packaging, sweeping changes are taking place everywhere. In fact, a close analysis will reveal to you the market landscape is swiftly flowing below the surface. Yet, opportunities do exist when it comes to innovating and leveraging trends that are affecting consumer behavior and driving this change.

So as we all think about, how should one perceive this upheaval in the coming years? Considering the adaptability of the beauty industry, while the elements that drive performance are likely to shift, innovation in cosmetic box packaging will continue to disrupt the industry. 

Start-ups, large corporations, and venture capitalists are well aware of this fact. As a result, they are pouring in millions of dollars to develop new smart packaging materials that help differentiate their brands, companies, and cosmetic products. Take France for example. A recent amendment in French law now requires disposable tableware to comprise of 50 percent biodegradable materials. Similarly, Iceland will prohibit the sale of plastic straws, cosmetics, cutlery, and cups that incorporates micro-plastic beads. Companies that fail to abide the law will be instantly shut out.      

Even the world’s leading corporations like McDonald’s can see the writing on the wall. The prominent fast-food chain has lately set a goal of using packaging that comes from recycled, renewable or certified sources by year 2025. Likewise, Adidas will also discontinue using virgin polyester by 2024. As a matter of fact, the renowned footwear brand will use recycled materials to create a range of new products. 

Why Green Packaging has Become more Important than Ever?

According to The Legacy Printing, a US-based packaging company, eco-friendly packaging has become more important than ever. Thanks to the increasing environmental consciousness and simple lifestyle, consumers are preferring brands that are keen to make a difference by fulfilling their social corporate responsibility.  

The demand for beauty products is only increasing in the US, both among men and women are inclined towards these products. This is only increasing the competition in the cosmetic market. For this reason, cosmetic boxes are seen as an ideal solution to stand out in the crowded marketplace.    

Simple & Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging is the Latest Trend 

In 2019, packaging companies have observed that tendency towards accessories and decorations in custom cosmetic boxes is taking a back seat, whereas the green and easy-to-use packaging solutions are swiftly gaining traction.

The two fast-emerging trends are widely used by beauty brands, especially the ones that are selling natural organic products. The best thing about green packaging material is it meets the need of creating a functional and easy-to-use packaging.

User-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Box Design

Today, customers don’t want to make their daily beauty rituals more complicated, meaning they want custom cosmetic packaging that’s user-friendly. This demand can be witnessed in both skincare and cosmetic products as consumers are actively seeking functional and portable packaging solutions that can make their everyday life easier.

Because of this increasing pressure, cosmetic brands are swiftly embracing packaging solutions that support on-the-go modern lifestyle.

But providing a durable and cost-effective packaging solution is an uphill task that every packaging manufacturer cannot fulfil. You need to find a reliable packaging company that has the experience as well as knowledge to meet your packaging requirements.

Most importantly, it can only be accomplished by a company that does everything under one roof, ranging from designing to choosing materials, printing, and finishing. If your packaging partner has outsourced these tasks, you will never be able to get your desired packaging results. Not only this can cost you customers, but it can gravely hurt your bottom line.        

Rising Demand for Green Cosmetic Packaging

The trend towards environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging has been gaining pace all across the globe and the US is not an exception. With more businesses highlighting green packaging, it is highly likely the demand for these containers will only increase in the days to come with more organizations will embrace the eco-friendly custom cosmetic boxes for their beauty products.

Typically, beauty products that feature organic ingredients are judged by their audience for their packaging as serious attempts have been made to diminish plastic and other wasteful packaging options to control greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

In fact, several special awards have been announced to encourage and appreciate the companies that are leading the way in sustainable and friendly packaging solutions.      

Why Some Brands are Still Reluctant to Adopt Green Packaging?

Despite countless benefits, some cosmetic brands are still reluctant to embrace green packaging. Reason? Sustainability is quite dynamic. For instance, you can’t simply take it for granted because there are many delicate beauty products that aren’t so easy to package properly even if you take packaging waste into account. Moreover, selling a product to masses requires you to follow certain packaging rules.

One challenge is packaging size. Many retail outlets bound brands to use small packaging boxes in order to maximize shelf space since it allows them to fit more products. So if you are looking to sell any of your cosmetic products at one of these stores you have to adhere to their guidelines when designing your packaging.  

Another important consideration is the product itself. Cosmetic products are a bit like food that can go bad. It often happens when a product isn’t encased or stored correctly.

Consequently, beauty brands find themselves in a tough spot. Because brands cannot simply pack their products in sustainable packaging. They have to mull over how their product can be affected. It makes sense why the industry is struggling to embrace sustainable packaging. Of course, joining hands with a reputable packaging partner can surely help you overcome this problem to an extent but there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled. Else, your products will fail to jump off the shelves and your sales targets will never be met.        

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