Neck Liposuction

How is Neck Lift surgery performed?

How is Neck Lift surgery performed?

If you have sagging skin on the neck and you want to get rid of it, a cosmetic surgeon may  recommend neck liposuction.  It is a method to correct double chin. There is no certain double chin surgery but the surgeons may use a combination approach to remove the excess fat and tighten the neck skin to make it more firm and defined. The surgery is based on your skin texture and desired results. People who are aged between twenty to fifty have more elastic skin that is beneficial in neck liposuction. The procedure is impressive to eliminate excess fat but is unable to improve skin quality. Not only does neck lift surgery correct the double chin but also eliminates the extra skin from the neck.

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A plastic surgeon may perform Neck Liposuction using any of the following procedures:


Chin liposuction:


This type of procedure eliminates the excess fat below the chin.




This type of surgery combines chin liposuction along with smaller incisions under the chin to tighten muscles.


Neck lift: 


This surgery is also referred to as a lower rhytidectomy that includes the removal of excess skin or tightening of the skin muscles to provide the perfect shape to the face.


All types of procedures can be performed to reduce the double chin. Though, you may not be the right candidate for liposuction or submentoplasty if you don’t have elastic skin.


You can notice that, during the aging of the skin, the first place that it shows age is on the neck. And more often, for some people fat is collected under the chin. The extra fat and sagging skin can affect the overall appearance of the facial profile.  

During the procedure of neck lift surgery:

Chin liposuction functions by attaching a small tube, called a cannula into the affected areas.

Using mild suction, short and necessary amounts of fat are separated from each location. The outcome of the procedure is a smoother, more even profile with a diminished amount of fat below the chin.


A submentoplasty is operated by making small cuts under the chin, as well as using liposuction on the neck.


During the neck lift procedure, the surgeon makes incisions back of the ear and sometimes under the chin to remove excess skin, and tighten neck muscles.

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 Some basic steps for chin liposuction:


The surgeon will check the chin and neck and mark the areas with a pen to become sure where the insertion of cannulas are necessary. Then, the skin is disinfected thoroughly with an antiseptic solution to reduce the risks of infection. After that, the surgeon will administer medications to sedate the patient, or may inject local or general anesthesia, if required, to numb the affected area. Then, they will make multiple cuts to insert liposuction cannula to  take out extra fat through a fanning motion (a back and forth)  to provide you a smooth and even facial appearance. At the final stage, they will apply a bandage to support the operated skin to heal.


Neck liposuction cost:


Since there are several kinds of procedures available, the cost varies depending on the chosen one of the procedures. The cost may range from $1,200 to $12,700.


If you want the permanent results of the procedure, you need to maintain a consistent weight.


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